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Longview Analytics (formerly Arcplan) software solutions focus on helping companies perform better planning and analytics. The solution can capture data from over twenty data sources without having to extract and aggregate data into a single proprietary data source: the software connects to div...


Longview Analytics (formerly Arcplan) software solutions focus on helping companies perform better planning and analytics. The solution can capture data from over twenty data sources without having to extract and aggregate data into a single proprietary data source: the software connects to diverse relational and multidimensional data sources (SAP, Teradata, IBM, Oracle, Microsoft etc.) thus saving time and effort. The solution is easy to use on any device – whether it’s a desktop, laptop or a smartphone

Lonview Analytics offers a BI reporting and analytics platform for enterprises and medium-sized businesses. The solution is highly flexible, the creation of custom reports, dashboards, ad hoc analysis is quick and easy. Decision makers gain access to actionable, context-based information enabling them to take informed decisions.

The Longview Analytics all-in-one solution that provides self-service features and analytics for all employees. It provides complete role-based access to employees for efficient functioning and decision making.

Longview Analytics also provides comprehensive budgeting, planning and forecasting solution for companies aiming to streamline processes and reduce budgeting cycles. Through this solution, users can gain greater control of their processes, and create fool-proof budgets that are accurate and practical. It improves efficiency by reducing manual work and allows users to spend more time on data analysis.

  • BI Wall: Allows users to provide and receive ratings and feedback on their dashboard. This helps in ensuring that employee and customer satisfaction levels are continuously improved.

  • Animation: This tools creates chart animations, which in turn help users better detect patterns in the data.

  • Predicative analytics: This includes integration with statistical R function and SimplyFinance solution. SimplyFinance is a popular financial planning solution that provides preconfigured dashboards with a high-level view of financial key metrics and KPIs.


Longview Analytics Business Intelligence Features

Best Value
  • Analytics Features
    • Data Integration
    • Data Modeling
    • Data Mining
    • Datasets Joins
    • Data Drilling
    • Data Blending
  • System Security
    • Data Encryption
  • Reporting Features
    • Data-Driven Reporting
    • Export Reports
    • Interactive/Responsive Dashboards
    • Customizable Dashboards
  • Chart Types
    • Data Visualization
  • System / Management Features
    • Multilingual Data Storage
    • Physical Data Center Security
    • Automatic Data Indexing
    • 25 Data Load Jobs per Day
    • Hourly Data Loads
    • High Speed Data Loading
    • Share Dashboards
  • Supported Data Sources
    • Actian Vectorwise
    • Amazon Elastic MapReduce
    • Amazon Redshift
    • Big Data
    • Cassandra
    • Cloudera Hadoop Hive and Impala
    • Database.com
    • DataStax
    • Eloqua
    • EXASOL
    • Firebird
    • Force.com
    • Google Analytics
    • Google BigQuery
    • GreenPlum
    • Hadapt
    • Hadoop
    • Hortonworks Hadoop Hive
    • HP Vertica
    • IBM BigInsights
    • IBM DB2
    • IBM Netezza
    • Impala
    • Infobright
    • MapR Distribution for Apache Hadoop
    • Marketo
    • Marklogic
    • Microsoft Access
    • Microsoft Excel
    • Microsoft PowerPivot
    • Microsoft SQL Server
    • Microsoft Windows Azure Marketplace DataMarket
    • MongoDB
    • MySQL
    • Netezza
    • NetSuite
    • OData
    • OLAP Cube Oracle Database
    • Oracle Hyperion Essbase
    • Other JDBC Compliant Data Sources
    • Other ODBC 3.0 Compliant Databases and Applications
    • ParAccel Analytics Database
    • Pivotal Greenplum
    • PostgreSQL
    • Progress OpenEdge
    • Salesforce.com
    • SAP HANA
    • SAP BPC
    • SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse
    • SAP Sybase
    • Spark SQL
    • Splunk Enterprise
    • Stastical Files (SAS, SPSS, R)
    • Tableau Data Extract
    • Teradata
    • Text Files (.csv)
    • Vectorwise
    • Amazon DynamoDB
    • FTP File Transfer
    • Google Sheets
    • Panoply
    • Snowflake



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