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GoodData is a cloud-based BI platform offering data management solutions for businesses. GoodData is a leading end-to-end cloud analytic solution provider, enabling over 40,000 companies to store, merge, analyze and visualize data and empowering users to quickly answer the questions critical to their businesses. GoodData helps organizations gain a competitive advantage with advanced data analytics.

The GoodData Open Analytics Platform lets companies control and analyze data in a single seamless, interactive environment and develop advanced applications to empower their users and customers. Contrary to other BI vendors, GoodData offers an open analytics platform that fuses data governance with the independence that business users want.

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With GoodData, IT runs the behind-the-scenes works such as maintaining security and infrastructure, while users develop reports and dashboards. In its platform, GoodData adheres to five steps: collect, store, combine, analyze and visualize. Data can be altered from various data sources regardless of its size and structure- Oracle and MySQL (databases), on-premise sources such as social networking sites and Salesforce, and demographics and weather (public data) are all fair game.

GoodData also employs a data management storage service where data is stored on premises and assimilates “Grand Architecture’ technologies such as HP Vertica, Hadoop, Rackspace and MongoDB. Users are able to conduct analytical functions through GoodData’s statistical features library. They can then visualize their data through interactive dashboards.

There are pre-built dashboard templates for companies in marketing, customer service fields and sales. For example, GoodData offers marketing analytics dashboards aimed at advertising, marketing demands, eCommerce and social. On one dashboard, markets can assess the reception of their media campaigns or juxtapose the performances of particular social media networking sites such as Twitter or Facebook. GoodData has the ability to trail negative or positive client feedback, or even analyze the performances of customer service representatives.

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GoodData Features

Service Terms Offered
Reduced Price for Multiple Users
Analytics Features
Online Analytical Processing (OLAP)
Self-Service Platform
Custom Tables
Custom Columns
Custom Fields
Custom Formulas
Reporting Features
Interactive/Responsive Dashboards
Export Reports
Custom Reporting
Chart Types
Data Visualization
System / Management Features
Multilingual Data Storage
Custom Single Sign On (SSO)
ISO/IEC 27001 Compliance
Automated Backups
Custom Logo
Mobile App
Supported Data Sources
Text Files (.csv)

GoodData Pricing

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