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AnswerDock is an AI-driven analytics solution that uses Natural Language Processing to provide answers to business users' questions, allowing them to make better and faster data-driven decisions, without the need for data analysts.

Using AnswerDock, business users create their own reports and dashboards by typing their questions, just like using a web search engine.

Need a sales report? Type Top 10 Sales People by growth in number of leads this quarter. AnswerDock runs the analysis and displays the optimal visualization instantly, its that simple.

AnswerDock instantly runs powerful data mining algorithms to answer questions asked in natural language, such as:

  • What drives my conversion rate up?
  • Why did Sales increase yesterday?
  • Whats driving shipment status to be delayed?
  • How do PageViews affect Revenue?

AnswerDock connects to a variety of sources from excel files to relational databases (Mysql, SQL Server) to 3rd-party APIs such as Google Analytics. Users can create dashboards combining multiple sources, enabling them to have an integrated view on their business.

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AnswerDock Features

Support Features
Analytics Features
Unlimited Users
Unlimited datasets
Custom Fields
Custom Formulas
Schedule Queries
Saved Queries
Custom Keywords
Data Drilling
Datasets Joins
Word-to-Word Interpretation
Column Names Synonyms
Natural Language Processing
Data Mining
Reporting Features
Customizable Dashboards
Export Reports
Ad-hoc Reporting
Calculated Fields
Real-Time Reporting
Scheduled Reporting
Data-Driven Reporting
Analysis Explanation
50+ Custom Reporting Options
Chart Types
30+ Interactive Charts
Automatic Optimal Chart Selection
System / Management Features
File Sharing
Role-Based Access Controls (RBAC)
Collaboration Tools
Job Scheduling
Automatic Data Indexing
Share Visualizations
Share Dashboards
Share by Email
25 Data Load Jobs per Day
Hourly Data Loads
High Speed Data Loading
Group Management
User Management
After-Sales Service
Product Guide

AnswerDock Pricing

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