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3CX WebMeeting leverages Google’s groundbreaking WebRTC technology to provide web conferencing solutions for businesses. The WebRTC technology offers voice and video communications using an Internet browser. This allows participants to seamlessly log in and join meetings without having to install additional applications or plug-ins. The solution can be used both with VoIP and video. When 3CX WebMeeting is integrated with 3CX Phone System, it improves employee productivity and collaboration exponentially. 3CX WebMeeting can be deployed directly integrated with 3CX Phone System, on-premise (3CX WebMeeting Server), or hosted by 3CX.

Solution Features

  • One-click Conferencing: 3CX WebMeeting lets users create conference rooms with a single click. A video conference can be created on the spot, during a call, or a web meeting created directly from Outlook. It is a true clientless app, offers great interoperability between video and VoIP, gives users the ability to manage bandwidth, and allows file sharing.
  • File Sharing: 3CX WebMeeting lets participants upload presentations, PDFs, etc. prior to the meeting. Also, once the meeting is completed, the host can get feedback on the presentation using the polling tool available in the solution.
  • Design: The interface is intuitive and allows seamless conferencing on desktops and mobile devices.
  • Performance: Video conferences use about 256 KBPS and offer good video quality. Screen sharing is simple and reliable as long as attendees are connected to the Internet. Video conferences can be created within the company (internal users) without having to use WAN bandwidth.

3CX WebMeeting doesn’t require any software installation or plugins. Because of its highly user-friendly features and customer-savvy pricing schemes, it is the web conferencing solution of choice for business of all sizes.

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3CX Features

Support Features
Conferencing Features
Video Streaming
Two-Way Audio and Video
Screen Sharing
Presentation Streaming
Group Chat
Private Chat
Electronic Hand Raising
On-Demand Webcasting
Record Meetings
Edit Recordings
Share Recordings
Manage recordings
Meeting Scheduler
Conference Room Booking Facility
Email Invitations
On-Demand Meetings
Reminder Emails
Scheduled Meetings
Call Me
Meeting Lock
One Touch Meeting
Document Library
Follow-Up Email
Automatic call recording
Multi-national toll-free numbers
Waiting Room
Meeting Transcript
HD Audio
HD Video
25 Participants
Unlimited 1:1 Meetings
40 minute conference limit (up to 100 participants)
50+ Global Dial-In
20 Participants
Unlimited 1:1 Chat
Unlimited Group Chat
Live Streaming (Add-On) - 3000 Viewer Limit
Call Recording (Add-On)
Hunt Groups
Custom Invitations
Meeting Invitations
Company Branding
Web Conferencing
Self-Service (Mobile App)
Live Streaming
Web Portal
Unlimited Meeting Rooms
Unlimited Participants
User-Friendly Interface
Global Dial-In
Video Conferencing
Audio Conferencing
Spotlight Layouts
Grid Layouts
Join from Chrome
Join from Mobile
Call Scheduler
10 HD Video Participants (720p)
Background Blur
Custom Meeting Background
30 HD Video Participants (720p)
Group Chat (2000 Users)
Split Meeting Rooms (50 Rooms)
Mobile Dial-In
Join from Desktop
Attendee Registration
AI/Machine Learning
Toll-Free Number ($30/mo for yearly or $35/mo for monthly)
International Access (Over 50 Countries)
Custom Dial-In Number (US and Canada)
5 Hour Conference Limit
Cross Platform Access
200 Managed Devices
Remote Printing
Multiple Sessions (1 Channel Included - Add Up To 10)
500 Managed Devices
Custom Avatar
Client Software
Server Software
3D Environment
Hardware Management
Dial-In (Included Only With On-Premise Subscription)
24/7 Availability
One-Click Log In
Unlimited Presenters
25 Participants (Add-Ons Available)
Timezone Management
SMS Invitations
Embed Event On Website
Recording Templates
Attendance Certificates
Auto Invitations
Thank You Email
Automated Webinars (15 Min/Event)
Multiple Sessions (1 Channel Included - Add-Ons Available)
1 Presenter (Add-Ons Available)
5 Meeting Cameras
4 Webinar Cameras
Unlimited Webinars
Automated Webinars (Unlimited)
Toll-Free Number
Reseller Solutions
Multiple Sessions (Customized No. of Channels)
5 Multiusers
4 Presenters (Add-Ons Available)
24 Hour Conference Limit
Starting at 1 Host
Starting at 5 Hosts
Multiple Displays
4 Cameras
Starting at 25 Hosts
Split Meeting Rooms
20 Participants (Webinar)
20 Participants (Meeting)
Audio Streaming
1:1 Meetings
Group Meetings
200 Participants (Webinar)
100 Participants (Webinar)
Custom Meeting Link
Unlimited Toll Calls & Global Telephone Dial-In
No Time Limits
Whiteboard (iOS Only)
Unlimited Audio with Global Telephone Dial-In
Multi-Monitor Support
50+ Free Local Dial-In Numbers
4K Screen Sharing
Global Dial-Out
20 Global Dial-Out
Local Dial-In
Local Dial-Out
Unlimited Meeting Recording
Commuter Mode
Record Meetings on Mobile
Custom Video Layouts
Unlimited Group Meetings
Assign Meeting Scheduler
Record Transcripts
Collaboration Features
Remote Assistance
System/Management Features
SIP Gateway
Cloud PBX
SIP (Included Only With On-Premise Subscription)
H.323 (Included Only With On-Premise Subscription)
SIP License
Host Controls
Microsoft Office 365
After-Sales Service
Enterprise Support
Live Support
Telephone Support
Customer Support

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