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Portcast provides dynamic technology to support predictive supply chains with advanced analytics. Portcast can help boost profitability in logistics companies with real-time tracking and dynamic demand forecasting capabilities.

Key system capabilities include:

Intelligent Container Visibility

  • Predict ETA and ETD of vessels and containers
  • Search and track vessel by name
  • Review the reliability of carriers and services
  • Receive real-time container risk alerts

Cargo Demand Forecasting

  • Use real-time data (satellite, weather, carrier schedules, operational risks) and machine learning technology
  • Flag unusual behavior in booking patterns and customer profiles
  • Major trade lanes covered globally
  • Customized forecasts to build your supply chain scenarios

Coming from renowned technology and logistics companies such as DHL, Cisco, Antler and Adobe, Portcast is a team of data scientists, software engineers and logistics domain experts. Backed by some of the biggest investors in the tech industry, we believe that Artificial Intelligence is fast revolutionizing logistics.



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