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Components of a VoIP Phone System

For the average business user, the decision to move to VoIP starts with the decision that the organization needs a new phone system - either that or it is a new organization looking for its first phone system. And for most businesses, that's as complex as they want the decision to be - they want every employee t...

But that isn't the way that VoIP companies provide phone service. And the use of that word service is part of the problem. A modern business phone system is a complex and difficult beast, made up from at least three parts and sometimes more.

The SMB Path to Enterprise VoIP

You've probably thought about transitioning your company to enterprise VoIP in order to take advantage of the technology's many cost and productivity benefits. You're certainly not alone. The Radicati Group, a telecommunications industry market research firm, reports that 74 percent of all corporate tele...

A big mistake many business owners and managers make about enterprise VoIP is focusing on the technology's financial benefits while failing to consider its other important attributes. Cost savings is certainly one of enterprise VoIP's key drawing cards--a recent Intel study estimated that a medium-sized site...

How to Pick a Hosted VoIP Provider

Learn how to pick a Hosted VoIP Provider to help you make your new phone system research easier.