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Traditional CRM v. Social CRM: Is There a Difference?

Traditional CRM was defined as a strategy and philosophy that was based on how to manage customers using tools, processes and systems to both understand who your customer was and at the same time provide your business with ways of identifying the life cycle of those customers. It was focused on what have historic...

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Rise of Social CRM and how IT & BPO Companies can Profit from it

As companies start spending their marketing and IT budgets on Social CRM initiatives, not only large CRM and Analytics software companies such as Oracle, SAP, SAS, but many mid & small sized software vendors are gearing up for what promises to be the next phase of CRM "evolution" - though looking at the speed with whic...

Thanks to this Social CRM (R)Evolution, IT and BPO Service providers too have an incredible opportunity. They should extend their CRM and BPO service offering to include following key areas to capitalize on this emerging opportunity:

5 Lessons Social CRM Can Learn from CRM

CRM systems are highly advantageous for companies of all types and sizes. CRM can not only be used to store, organize, and leverage customer data but can also be used to build strong customer relationships.

In recent years, the concept of social CRM has become very popular as more and more customers turn to social channels to learn more about brands, engage with companies, and make purchasing decisions where they're already spending time online.