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Project Management Software is a Tool, Not the Answer to Project Planning & Control

All projects have three major elements that need to be controlled in order for a project to be successful. Those elements are Time, Cost, and Quality. Time is measured by using a schedule, cost is measured by using a budget, and quality is measured by using specifications. Projects are only successful if they are c...

There are many project management software packages currently available in the market today. Finding a software tool that quickly provides the information needed to analyze and make decisions for your project is not a simple task. While many project management tools are good for planning the initial schedule, somet...

Understanding Project Management Maturity: People, Process, and Tools

Consider how your organization defines project success. Apart from the textbook criteria "on time, on budget, on scope," what priorities and goals do you establish when starting a project?

Many organizations start projects with fanciful goals that are impossible to achieve. In these situations, it's often obvious that project objectives, budget, and timeframe are misaligned so completely that failure is inevitable and predictable. Managers who know in advance that the outcome is failure are sometimes lit...

Top 5 Project Management Software Tools

Project management software, in an age when we’re expected—nay, required—to collaborate seamlessly with our colleagues using the latest and greatest technology, is a must for any company, no matter how large or small. But that doesn’t mean that all project management software solutions are cr...

In fact, choosing the software that’s right for your company relies heavily on the various types of solutions that fall under the project management definition.

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