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The Top 10 Payroll Features in Accounting Software

More companies are ditching time-consuming manual payroll systems and costly payroll service providers in favor of their own software. Whether supplied as a standalone program or as a module within a unified accounting environment, a payroll software product should provide the automation, productivity, ease of use and ...

1. Tax calculation: Determining tax amounts for each employee is a basic payroll function. Any product you consider should be able to handle federal/state/local income, Social Security, Medicare, federal and state unemployment and state disability calculations. If your business has any additional tax calculation need...

How to Avoid Payroll Mistakes

Payroll processing is a hassle most small firms are itching to off-load. Sweat the small stuff to ensure outsourcing's success.

How Outdated Payroll Systems Are Affecting KPIs, Merges And Acquisitions

When it comes to evaluating how successful your company is, what factors do you consider? Most business owners observe individual aspects such as sales, to determine how well they’ve performed during a certain period of time.

However, one such nuance that is underestimated for this endeavor is payroll. A routine business function that pretty much goes through the motion every month, the payroll system of any company is simply seen as a medium to facilitate the payment of salaries, and nothing more.

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