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Comparison Between Open Source CMS Systems and Commercial Open Source Systems

Wordpress... usable beyond blogging?

It is widely accepted that Wordpress is an excellent system when you want your ideas out quickly on the web. It is therefore often used as a blog, because you are out there quickly, but Wordpress can be configured in many different ways. Wordpress is extremely easy to use and setup. It can of course work as a blog, com...

Which of the 3 Open Source CMS is the Best for You?

With so many great things to say, what's so bad about Wordpress? Well not that much, it's strong, robust and somewhat secure. Wordpress security did take a bad rep, but that's so 2007. One area where Wordpress fails is scalability. Without load-balancing, you're better off looking at other options for high-traffic webs...

The next level up is Joomla. It takes the easy-to-use concept of Wordpress and makes it slightly more complex. But in the process adds greater flexibility, extensibility and scalability (a lot of ilities.) It's still primarily used by SMEs such as (where I work). The advantages of Joomla are:

Q&A: The Top Open Source CMS

Integrating a CMS can help your company organize, store, and share key content necessary to meet all your business goals and marketing initiatives. This powerful system is also capable of streamlining the process of regularly producing and scheduling content pieces, which will help free up valuable time within your teams that can be dedicated in other areas geared toward growth.