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3 Warning Signs Your Marketing Software is Out of Date

It’s no secret that technology has moved at a breakneck pace for the past several decades. That’s rung as true for the marketing sector as for any other—if not more true. Marketing automation, social media, and the mobile revolution: all of these have combined to make updating your marketing softwa...

That’s especially true when you’re switching software or paying for an upgrade, redeploying software, or otherwise incurring costs (whether directly financially or otherwise). We always recommend keeping whatever software you have up to date, of course. When you’re considering whether or not it&rsq...

How to Drive Innovation Through Automation

Just a few decades ago, consumers and companies alike were focusing on hardware: which new phone, which brand of computer, which car would be the best? But that’s not necessarily the case today, in large part simply because the exponential advances in hardware capabilities that helped to make the information a...

We have the storage, the speed, and the networks to accomplish our goals. But innovation doesn’t sleep. If it’s not the hardware that’s fueling it today, what is it? The answer is software. This is a particularly noticeable phenomenon in marketing, right now. It’s no longer about what print a...

Marketing Automation Software: The Basics

Marketing success depends upon many factors, but no matter how appealing a campaign may be conceptually, it must be efficient or be at risk of failure. Marketing automation software can increase your marketing strategy’s efficiency significantly, and make it more cost effective in the process.

While many marketing experts understand this, the use of automated marketing software remains fairly low, due to business owners’ unfamiliarity with products and the benefits and advantages they offer.