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Q&A: Fine Tune Your Video Conferencing System

While video conferencing systems are very popular for business meetings, due to cost-efficiency and their power to connect people in a virtual, face-to-face experience without having to be in the same room or location, it is certainly perplexing and frustrating when your video conferencing software or equipment does not function optimally.

The Case for On Premise Video Conferencing

Important features or capabilities of on premise video conferencing systems.

Comparing Video Conference Solutions

Discover how to compare video conferencing vendors that meets your business's needs.

Video Conferencing Reviews

Our experts discuss the best steps on reviewing video conferencing solutions.

Common Video Conference Buying Mistakes

Now that you've done your homework where purchasing video conferencing equipment's concerned, learn what you should do to avoid making common purchasing mistakes

What is Desktop Video Conferencing?

This article describes desktop video conferencing systems and presents some of the advantages of desktop systems over dedicated video conference facilities.

Hosted Video Conference Buyer Guide

Use this buyer’s guide to help you identify which hosted video conference system is right for your business.

Purchasing Video Conference for Small Business

In Market for a Video Conferencing System? Some tips for purchasing a video conference system.

Evaluating Top Video Conference Vendors

Some factors to consider when choosing a video conference vendor

How to Compare Business Class Video Conference Products

Comparing Video Conferencing Systems? Here are some factors to compare between different products.

5 Things to Consider Before Buying a Video Conferencing System

This article includes five key points to consider before procuring a video conferencing solution.

Is Desktop or Conference Room Video Conferencing is Best For Your Company?

Deciding to use a desktop or a room for video conferencing depends on your needs and budget along with how comfortable you are using new technology.
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