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How to Direct Your Team with Practice Management Software

Practice management software is one of the most important tools you have at your disposal to streamline your operations. Regardless of your exact field, medical practice management solutions help you stay ahead of the curve. If you really want your team to achieve peak performance, the right medical practice manager...

Scheduling is undoubtedly one of the key components to success in any medical organization, and patient scheduling is only the beginning. Harmonizing your staff scheduling is just as, or more, important.

Is Your Dental Practice Ready for Windows 7 End of Life?

Microsoft plans to completely phase out Windows 7, and as of January 14, 2020, this popular operating system will reach the end of its lifespan and will no longer be supported or updated.

While 2020 may seem like it’s still well into the future, it’s important that you begin preparing now so that you can limit the disruption a system upgrade is bound to cause in your dental practice.

5 Practice Management Software Myths Debunked

Practice Management software provides physicians, specialists, psychiatrists, chiropractors and many other types of physical and mental health professionals with the tools and streamlined organization needed to keep their back offices functioning smoothly while patients are provided with excellent care.

The days of file cabinets and scheduling books have passed, and modern practices have advanced from manual filing, scheduling, and record keeping to secure software systems that help reduce costs and increase the number of patients that can receive care at a practice.

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