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5 Medical Billing Software Features You Can’t do Without

Medical billing software is undoubtedly one of the most important investments your practice can make to further its success. Electronic patient records, prescription management, claims filing, and billing are the norm, not the exception—and regulations requiring updated, secure technology are only growing stri...

With dozens of competitors in the thriving medical billing software industry, it comes as no surprise that medical software solution developers are falling all over themselves to provide you with increasingly appealing features and options. All of this can lead to a cluttered, confusing decision-making process when ...

Top Trends in Medical Billing Software in 2017

If your organization depends on medical billing software in any capacity, it’s important to know how the medical billing software landscape is evolving… because it is, and quickly!

What’s out there? What new features are there? How are best practices changing to meet organizational needs when it comes to medical billing solutions?

6 Benefits of Medical Billing Software

Handling claims and medical billing efficiently is key for a profitable and well-run practice. Sifting through piles of paperwork, scouring physical files for information to process bills, and ensuring patient payments are made correctly and on time are all time-consuming and error-prone tasks that have been holding...

However, medical billing software is revolutionizing how medical practices process and track claims and provides powerful tools to make billing a much more efficient process. When your practice runs with efficiency and your billing is smooth and streamlined, your practice will be able to see more patients and genera...

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