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The Top Business Intelligence Software Vendors

A look at the top business intelligence software vendors that can help your company stay competitive.

Making the most of Business Intelligence

Modern Business Intelligence software gives new capabilities to companies to analyze their performance and take better strategic decisions.

The Biggest Mistakes in Buying Business Intelligence Solutions

It is easy to make irreversible mistakes in choosing a business intelligence solution because the time required to invest in implementation and training cannot be recovered. So it is critical to understand the pitfalls and problems to watch for in selecting your business intelligence solution.

Open Source Business Intelligence

Running a successful business with longevity and growing profits year after year takes serious devotion, creativity, and motivation. While these attributes of successful business growth are undeniable, there is also another factor of ongoing success that often goes overlooked or underutilized by businesses-continual...

However, by using powerful business intelligence (BI) software solutions, many business owners and executive leaders are now becoming extremely data savvy. BI solutions can help enrich your understanding of the key data components that contribute to profitability and gain deeper insight into what those numbers mean ...

Big Data and Business Intelligence – What’s the Difference?

Big Data and Business Intelligence are two buzzwords that are used interchangeably. But are we doing these technologies any justice in doing so?
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