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Business Intelligence: 5 Things to Watch for in 2010

1. BI will become more pervasive and more visible - and more invisible.

CRM, SFA and other applications focused on sales, service and support will increasingly act as "feeders" into core BI applications and functions. This increasing integration offers the prospect more complete and comprehensive views of business operations, in part by hiding BI functions behind other applications and int...

What is Business Intelligence?

Business Intelligence allows CEOs to take better strategic decisions because it draws insights from the mass of data available to companies.

The Top Business Intelligence Software Vendors

A look at the top business intelligence software vendors that can help your company stay competitive.

Making the most of Business Intelligence

Modern Business Intelligence software gives new capabilities to companies to analyze their performance and take better strategic decisions.

The Facets of Business Intelligence Software

Business intelligence software is an essential component for any successful business today. What is it, and how can your company benefit from using it?

Business Intelligence Reporting Tools

ETL, OLAP, reporting, metadata: demystifying business intelligence tools and choosing the right ones for your company.

How to Decide which Business Intelligence Tools you Need

Find out how business intelligence reporting tools can help you streamline your company reporting.

Five Factors to Consider in Business Intelligence Software

Take care while selecting a business intelligence solution to avoid rework and repair and ensure that the solution meets the company’s needs.

How to be smart about business planning with BI solutions

A well used business intelligence tool can make a major difference to the efficiency of your business, however, its use must not be left to IT staff alone.

The Biggest Mistakes in Buying Business Intelligence Solutions

It is easy to make irreversible mistakes in choosing a business intelligence solution because the time required to invest in implementation and training cannot be recovered. So it is critical to understand the pitfalls and problems to watch for in selecting your business intelligence solution.

Oracle Rolls Out Another Business Intelligence App

The company claims OPA delivers role-based intelligence targeted at project executives, project and program managers to help track project/program performance and control project costs; take action to improve project portfolio performance; and provide insight into project revenue, billing and profitability.

To help jumpstart your project analysis efforts, the new app features several fancy dashboards. Project Executive provides an organizational view with the visibility and control necessary to monitor organizational performance and the health of projects across the board to improve profitability and improve opera...

Top 5 Business Intelligence Considerations for Enterprises

1. Vendor stability: The BI software market has undergone drastic changes in the last few years thanks to several major acquisitions. Megavendors snapped up smaller companies to strengthen their presence in the BI market; Oracle acquired Siebel and Hyperion, IBM bought Cognos, and SAP purchased Business Objects. The ef...

According to Gartner's 2010 Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence Platforms report, "While Oracle, which acquired Siebel and Hyperion in 2005 and 2007 respectively, seems to be successfully exiting the back of this curve, as shown by significantly improved Magic Quadrant customer survey results this year over last, ...

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