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Risks and Benefits of Cloud Storage

Cloud storage fits the demand for convenience, mobility and cost-efficiency when it comes to storing data. Just make the move intelligently to keep your information safe from online threats.

8 Important Datacenter Considerations

When you entrust your business's core data to a third party, make sure that you vet vendors carefully.

How to Build a Green Datacenter

It isn't just politically correct — it can save you money too. The top three most frequently asked questions about making your datacenter work smarter.

10 Simple Steps to a Green Datacenter

Making your datacenter eco-friendly can bring your company major benefits and put you ahead of the environmental trend.

If the cost to implement a green datacenter is holding you back, consider how much you're spending right now on energy output. According to Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory , data centers used an estimated 12 billion kilowatt hours of electrical power in the year 2000, expanding to 23 billion in 2005.

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