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SaaS and Hosting

A guide to navigating the treacherous world of SaaS hosting.
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Hosting's Culture Shift

How hosting providers are changing to better address customer needs.
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Making Heads or Tails of Hosting Costs

As the hosting market evolves, new cost factors come into play.
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7 Myths About Managed Hosting

When companies ponder managed hosting, perception often differs from reality.
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The Essential Guide to Managed Hosting

What you need to know about getting using a managed hosting service.
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Web Servers

A web server stores and delivers web pages on request, sometimes transmitting additional files. Apache is the most popular server now.
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Data Servers

Data servers facilitate the storage, transmission, and processing of data, examples like Microsoft SQL, Oracle Database, DB2, and Informix.
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Application Servers

Application servers have two functions – they connect endpoint terminals, where users operate, with large main servers and databases, and also provide one application to a network of users. The main servers on the market are Java EE, IBM’s WebSphere, and Microsoft’s Windows Server.
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Server Software

Server software is the program that makes connecting different hardware possible, viable and relatively cheap. Its applications vary from simple connectivity and protection, to distance hardware control and database management.
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