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Newsletter - November 14, 2014

A major priority for me right now is to focus on boosting the level of engagement with our readers by launching a new series of very custom email marketing campaigns. I have come to realize that our home-grown marketing automation software was designed without the flexibility in mind for building the types of campaigns we need to run.
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Newsletter - December 15, 2014

Our management team has been using a very technical data discovery tool, but we have recently struggled to find an easy way to share the information across the company. What we really need is a simple and cost-efficient way to have business users create reports and propagate information and insights across the company...
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Newsletter - January 2015, 21

One of our new year’s resolution is to grow our team and hire across the board. As a tech company based in the Silicon Valley, we’re facing very tough competition and companies are often bidding against each other to get top talent. How to attract and retain the right candidates for our team? We've been mulling over this question for years….
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Newsletter - November 26, 2014

This week, we've looked into moving yet another application to the cloud. The cloud gives us the flexibility, scalability and cost-efficiency we need... but there’s another aspect that tilts the balance for us: it’s COLLABORATION...
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