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How to Manage Your Mobile Workforce

In today's always-on, uber-connected society, businesses can't afford to close. And, why would you? With the advent of technology, you can hire a team of mobile-remote personnel who can work around the clock for you, whether it be customer service, sales or IT. However, there can be some issues around management. Since the staff is not in-house, how do you monitor their performance without having to micro-manage? The good news is there are multiple options and tools for you to use.

Mobile CRM Tools Your Sales Team Will Love

Mobile CRM Tools Your Sales Team Will Love
What you need and who provides it in the rapidly evolving mobile-CRM market.

Mobile Matters More Today Than Yesterday- But Not as Much as Tomorrow Using QR Codes!

Many conventional automotive advertising agencies went kicking and screaming onto the World Wide Web. They feared that they wouldn't be able to control customers travelling at hyper speeds on the Internet Super Highway and technically they were right. After a brief learning curve, automotive advertising agencies accept...

Just when automotive advertising agencies figured out how to manipulate the algorithms that drive search engine optimization, (S.E.O.), and apply them to website designs and investments in search engine marketing, (S.E.M.), social media put up a few road bumps that automotive advertising agencies struggled with. Eventu...