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5 Advantages Online Retailers can Achieve with an AI-Powered CRM

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software has become an essential solution for companies that spans across every industry. Other than communication tools, a CRM is typically the first investment that a company makes, which makes it a universal, must-have system for companies both small and large.

Most every business is leveraging a CRM system in some way, from collecting and storing contact details and nurturing leads to improving the customer experience and improving workflows and productivity internally. As such, CRM system vendors are constantly innovating their systems to provide the most relevant and po...

CRM Trend Watch: CRM Is Expanding Beyond Customer Service and Sales

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is considered one of the must-have business tools for companies of every type and size. In fact, a CRM is one of the very first software investments that a small company will usually make to help spur and support growth by setting up an easily accessible customer and c...

As such, CRM systems and features are some of the most heavily relied upon software tools for customer service and sales teams within organizations, small and large. 

Your Employees Aren't Using Your CRM…

Less than 40% of CRM customers have end-user adoption rates above 90%. -CSO Insights

83% of senior executives explained that their biggest challenge was getting their staff to use the software. -Really Simple Systems

The Importance of Customer Relationship Management Software for Small Businesses

If there’s one thing that all businesses strive for, it’s customers. How do companies get new customers and keep the existing customers? Most likely by perusing leads and attempting to give existing customers a positive experience. A larger company is likely to have a comprehensive list of leads and cust...

Customer Relationship Management software may be a new endeavor for small business owners, so it’s important they understand the value CRM software brings. CRM software provides data entry, social media and email integration, lead management, and analytics, all in one system. Customer trends are recorded, and ...

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