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Five Factors to Remember when Selecting a Virtualization Solution

Choosing the right virtualization solution for your business can prove to be a difficult task. The benefits from virtualization are enormous but the process needs to handled well to be able to realize the benefits.

The Top Virtualization Vendors

Companies that are looking to virtualize their services often do not have the kind of tools and expertise needed to manage the transition and the management of the new infrastructure that follows.

The Challenges and Pitfalls of Virtualization

Server virtualization can bring major benefits to your organization. However, depending on the vintage and type of your existing equipment there could be major expenses involved.

The Advantages of Virtualization

There are major benefits of virtualization for businesses in both IT and non IT sectors and nearly every business will use virtualization in some form or the other in the next few years.

Desktop Virtualization

Managing desktops in large organizations has always been one of the harder tasks of an IT center. Desktop Virtualization is a popular method of handling complexity and providing a consistent, safe, stable and secure computing environment in an enterprise.

Storage Virtualization

Storage virtualization is a long proven technology that merges various physical storage devices in a datacenter and creates an artificial view of the storage environment. This storage environment allows many different systems to use the same storage.

Software Virtualization

Software virtualization allows system managers easy management of their applications. System stability and security improve as well.

Hardware Virtualization

While virtualization has been around since the 1960s, it has only become viable for businesses more recently. There are benefits and drawbacks, but most companies would benefit from hardware virtualization at this point in time.

Virtualization Explained

Virtualization helps in autonomic computing by creating a virtual version of a storage device, hardware platform, operating system, or network resources. It also centralizes administrative tasks with several operating systems running simultaneously on a single CPU.

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