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SaaS and Hosting

A guide to navigating the treacherous world of SaaS hosting.
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Hosting's Culture Shift

How hosting providers are changing to better address customer needs.
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Making Heads or Tails of Hosting Costs

As the hosting market evolves, new cost factors come into play.
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7 Myths About Managed Hosting

When companies ponder managed hosting, perception often differs from reality.
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The Essential Guide to Managed Hosting

What you need to know about getting using a managed hosting service.
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Web Servers

A web server may be either a machine or a program which stores and delivers web pages on request. Its other uses include gaming, storage and enterprise applications.
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Data Servers

Data servers facilitate the storage, transmission, and processing of data. The most notable examples are Microsoft SQL server, Oracle Database, DB2, and Informix.
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Application Servers

Application servers connect both users and servers, translating machine commands into human language, and distributing applications.
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Server Software

Server Software helps businesses maintain connectivity, information sharing and good customer relations, and be protected.
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