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How to Manage Your Mobile Workforce

In today's always-on, uber-connected society, businesses can't afford to close. And, why would you? With the advent of technology, you can hire a team of mobile-remote personnel who can work around the clock for you, whether it be customer service, sales or IT. However, there can be some issues around management. Since the staff is not in-house, how do you monitor their performance without having to micro-manage? The good news is there are multiple options and tools for you to use.

Getting the Most Out of Mobile CRM

Taking CRM out in the field can be a walk in the park with these best practices.

Mobile CRM Tools Your Sales Team Will Love

What you need and who provides it in the rapidly evolving mobile-CRM market.

20 Top Salesforce AppExchange Apps

Track Google ads, synch with Quickbooks or plug into Jigsaw with AppExchange's most useful add-ins.

CRM's Mobile Momentum

Is CRM on the move good or bad for your business?

Case Study: T-Mobile's massive data center transformation journey wins award using HP ALM tools

We were able to deliver application availability, ensure a timeframe for the migration and leverage the ability to use automation tools.

Our CIO has a high belief in quality and really supports us in doing this. It's nice that we've got the industry recognition as well.

Kapow Mobile Katalyst debuts as means to rapidly convert web applications to mobile apps sans API

Kapow has entered the mobile migration opportunity with a platform and tools that wrap underlying logic and transaction services from existing applications into a series of REST and SOAP services. Such functions as shopping baskets and transaction integrations and business logic can be re-purposed to mobile devi...

Rise of enterprise app stores points to need for better applications marketplace services

To learn more about how the enterprise app store market will shape up, BriefingsDirect assembled a panel to delve into the market and opportunity for enterprise app stores, and to find out how they could be created quickly and efficiently. [Disclosure: Partnerpedia is a sponsor of BriefingsDirect podcasts.]The experts ...

The IT group is getting pushed by the end users and organizations that have become very comfortable with how they can search, browse, try, download, and purchase applications.

Survey says: Open-source software making broad strides across the IT landscape

More than half -- 56 percent -- of respondents believe that more than half of software purchases made in the next five years will be open source.

Mobile Enablement Presents Challenges, Opportunities as Enterprises Retool Apps for the Future Now

The ubiquity of smartphones and more than 300,000 mobile apps available on Apple's App Store, coupled with the ease and convenience of mobile computing is putting pressure on IT to mobile enable B2C and B2E applications to facilitate organizational efficiency and keep up with consumer and employee demand for mobile a...

When it comes to enabling mobile access to mission-critical enterprise apps, companies have made far less progress.

Some Thoughts on the Microsoft and Nokia Tag Team on Mobile or Bust News

Now. In the above two paragraphs replace the words "Microsoft" and "Nokia." Still works. Both had huge wind in their sails (sales?) to steer into the mobile category for keeps, neigh to define and deliver the mobile category to a hungry world and wireless provider landscape ... on their, the platform-providers', t...

A developer paradise And talk about an ace in the hole. Not long ago, hordes of developers and ISVs -- an entire global ecosystem -- were begging Microsoft to show them the mobile way, how to use their Visual Studio skills to skin the new cat of mobile apps. They were sheep waiting to be lead (and not to slaughte...

Android Gaining as Enterprises Ramp Up Mobile App Development Across Platforms and Business Models

The report also shows that for enterprises the days of mobile app exploration are drawing to a close and companies are moving, or have moved, into an acceleration phase, with an eye toward greater innovation. This year, developers and businesses expect to triple their app development efforts, and the average de...

Summary of findingsOther findings from the report:

How Not to Fumble Your Super Bowl Mobile Marketing Opportunity

Step No. 1 in any effective mobile marketing campaign is building up a mobile database. What better time than the Super Bowl to do this? You have a highly engaged and interactive audience that is willing to interact with your brand on one of the most personal devices - a mobile phone.

For brands to successfully engage mobile audiences, the key to success is the call to action. It needs to be clear, concise, and repeated in the ad. Following are the three best practices for mobile calls to action - and what to watch for during Super Bowl commercials:

The Five Essentials for Stronger SMS Opt-In

The critical elements of SMS opt-in messaging

The following tips and best practices can help you develop in-store signage and other marketing visuals to help your brand achieve higher opt-in rates for retail-store SMS campaigns. They also help increase overall user satisfaction.

Mobile Technology and Grassroots Workforce

Standing in line waiting for one of thousands of walk lists that were printed out in mass, handed out in mass, and sent them to an area that is nowhere near where they live is hardly the most efficient way to mobilize your volunteers. Where's the empowerment? The whole process simply doesn't make sense. It wastes th...

There are solutions coming, and they are being developed at a pace like never-before. In the last 3 years alone, starting with the Obama Presidential campaign in 2008, mobile technology has aimed to address some of these issues. Here are 5 trends you are seeing more of that will become the norm in the next 5 years:

Mobile and Retail: Activating Relationships Between Consumers and Marketers

This year's National Retail Federation annual conference - the NRF 100th Annual Convention & Expo - Retail's BIG Show - celebrates 100 years of retail, its leaders and its technology that have shaped the space during the past centennial. M-commerce sales are exploding, more than doubling from $1.4 billion in 2009 to...

As the mobile and m-commerce outburst continues to explode in 2011, now is the time for retailers to begin integrating mobile. To get started, it's actually fairly simple. Use this simple rule of three:

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