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Top Trends and Innovations Shaping Project Management

Top Trends and Innovations Shaping Project Management

Successfully completing a project is a complex process involving properly managing and tracking all the moving pieces that need to be coordinated seamlessly for a project to not just get done, but to stay on track and on budget. 

The different parts of a project may include collaboration between employees and partners, scheduling meetings, tracking tasks sequentially, minding strict budgets and timelines, analyzing reports, and more. 

Cybersecurity Vs. Endpoint Security Vs. Hybrid Cloud Security

Cybersecurity Vs. Endpoint Security Vs. Hybrid Cloud Security

Properly securing your business workloads (whether they function on-site via proprietary servers or in the cloud) and protecting your valuable company and customer data is an absolute necessity for longevity in your business. 

In fact, security is one of the leading business priorities this year and protecting a business in 2021 and beyond is only expected to become more dynamic and complex. 

VoIP Trends and Innovations to Embrace in Your Business

VoIP phone systems have become a business necessity in recent years, and the number of companies implementing VoIP to achieve the benefits of a reliable, flexible communication system is now growing more quickly as many companies explore the option of operating remotely for the foreseeable future.

In fact, according to Grandview Research, the VoIP industry reached a market size of $69.3 Billion in 2020. VoIP is expected to grow to an impressive 20.4% CAGR, reaching $145.8 Billion by 2024.

4 Signs You’re Ready to Upgrade to HR Software

Human Resources (HR) is all about valuing and empowering one of your most important business assets – the people who work for your company. There is a lot of administrative work and diligence that goes into managing a workforce and making sure they are paid accurately and on time and have access to all the benefi...

HR can quickly become an overwhelming duty when all the tasks and processes are manual or antiquated. This can result in piles of paperwork, hours of administrative work, and even make your business prone to errors in payroll, benefits, and more. 

5 Benefits of Managed IT Services

More companies than ever before are embracing cloud infrastructure, systems, and services to reap the business benefits like mobility, flexibility, and cost-savings. Along with the extensive benefits that come along with running a business in the cloud, though, comes the security risks involved in protecting those s...

As a result, many companies are choosing to leverage managed IT services to boost security, guarantee more business uptime, and defend against threats and data loss. 

4 Tips for Choosing Security Software Systems That Scale Along with Your Company Growth

Along with business innovation and growth comes the complexity of securing data, systems, and operations. With each iteration (from software upgrades to increased cloud functionality), there are added layers of security needed to fully protect your business as you grow.

Picking security options for your organization is necessary to shielding your business and all the data you utilize each day. Developing your safety and security software applications might entail multiple options from the very same vendor, or private defenses for sure element of your company, from different supplie...

5 Advantages Online Retailers Can Achieve with an AI-Powered CRM

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software has become an essential solution for companies that spans across every industry. Other than communication tools, a CRM is typically the first investment that a company makes, which makes it a universal, must-have system for companies both small and large.

Most every business is leveraging a CRM system in some way, from collecting and storing contact details and nurturing leads to improving the customer experience and improving workflows and productivity internally. As such, CRM system vendors are constantly innovating their systems to provide the most relevant and power...

The Pros and Cons of Implementing a New Accounting System in Q4

Accounting software solutions are rising in popularity for companies (of all types and sizes) who want the flexibility and mobility of a cloud-based system with all the features and functionality they need to make sure that business financials and tax details are being properly handled and tracked.

The features offered by accounting software providers are the tools that will help enhance your company’s processes. While your business needs, users, and budget will all work together to help you choose the best system for your business, there are a list of core features offered by most Accounting Software provi...

The Advantages of Cloud Payroll Software (And the Limitations You Should Know)

Cloud-based payroll software can provide small to mid-sized companies with advantages central to efficiency, costs, and growth. As a result, many companies are opting for SaaS payroll systems rather than outsourcing these responsibilities or managing them in-house with dedicated accounting personnel.

While a cost and user-friendly payroll solution in the cloud can be highly advantageous to all types of companies looking to professionalize their payroll while keeping costs in check and efficiencies high, cloud systems do have some limitations you should know about as you make the decision on whether to make the move...

How to Develop the Perfect Human Resources Software Suite for Your Company

HR software creates a central system for taking care of all the vital features needed for efficiently handling your workforce. While HR demands will vary by firm (and also by sector), there are particular features that will certainly profit all services, including:

But how do you determine the HR software that will work best for your business and identify the best tools to add to your suite of features for HR, payroll, benefits, and more?

4 Ways Cloud BI Supports Business-Savvy and Sound Decision-Making

Business Intelligence (BI) tools help eliminate guesswork, and empower you with insightful information. Time is one of your most valuable assets, and BI tools help you save time in making decisions. These powerful tools can also help you save time by avoiding uncalculated decisions about your business, and giving you b...

One of the BI advantages garnering much appreciation from business owners and leadership is the ability to make well informed business decisions in much less time than was required in the past. BI software helps guide your decision-making processes by providing deep analysis of your existing sales figures and performan...

Remote Customer Service: Contact Center Must-Haves for Serving Customers at Home

With the onset of a global pandemic, what was once a choice has become a necessity: remote work solutions. When it comes to customer service and call center employees, it can be challenging to manage a remote and online workforce. Fortunately, Contact Center software makes remote customer service accessible and easy.

Here are some features you should look for when considering the best cloud-based contact center options for your company.

5 Best Tools for Minimizing Chaos While Doing Conference Calls at Home

In just the past few months, much has changed in the business realm and more employees than ever are now working from home in the midst of the pandemic. This means that many employees are adjusting to remote work for the first time and finding their new normal while adding work as an element of their home life.

The good news is that, thanks to cloud-based VoIP systems and mobile video conferencing systems, working from home is not just possible, but easier than ever before due to the robust features offerings available in the cloud or via mobile devices.

6 Ways Cloud Services Drive and Empower Remote Business

When it comes to business operations, applications, and systems, the trend is definitely moving quickly toward cloud-based on all fronts. Having your business in the "cloud" is becoming an imperative business move to support remote work and fuel growth, but what does operating your business in the cloud re...

Cloud computing comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes, from infrastrucute and databases to apps and software solutions, but most providers tend to specilize in one of three main cloud services.

Cloud Computing and Services

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