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Find the Best CMMS for Office Use

A Computerized Maintenance Management System, also known as CMMS, centralizes the process of maintaining and managing assets, such as as cars, machines and equipment. The system helps firms in preventing problems and downtime, complying with OSHA and other legal requirements. Many industries use CMMS to help managing suppliers, warranties and insurance policies on the pricy items. Even hotels are now using computerized maintenance management systems to help out cleaning, plumbing and other issues involved in maintaining a hotel chain.Some CMMS systems are linked to accounting, updating fixed assets and in reporting any losses in real-time.

The best CMMS for strictly office use would be one that interfaces with office applications; it’s easy to use and management can run queries on it. If maintenance costs go beyond budgeted amounts, managers could research and figure out the reason for the overage by reviewing CMMS reports and queries.

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Evaluating CMMS Vendors

Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS) have the ability to help automate and simplify many routine tasks for your business—boosting your company’s efficiency in a cost effective and simple manner. Because there is such a variety when it comes to task- and industry-specific CMMS solutions, it has never been a more accessible system for most companies. In choosing the right vendor for your company, there are several factors you should bear in mind to ease the process. In asking specific questions, or identifying the specific attributes that will be most helpful to your business, you will quickly discover which potential vendors have a CMMS solution that is right for you.

Finding the Right CMMS Vendor for Your Business:

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How to Select Your Perfect CMMS Vendor

Once you decide that your business can benefit from a Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS), the next step would be to select the perfect vendor for your firm. At this point, your best bet is to select vendors that have experience with your industry and type of business. The requirements for a hotel, for instance, are quite different from those of a manufacturing or car rental business. You don’t want to train vendors on the basics maintenance issues for your firm; rather, you want the vendor and its employees to give you best-practices advice and guidance.

Don’t be fooled by low initial fees that may balloon out due to “hidden fees” and professional services. Get estimates of all costs.

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CMMS Buying Secrets

If you’re interested in learning more about a Computerized Maintenance Management System, also known as CMMS, you may consider the e-book “CMMS Secrets” available at

This e-book will give you information about the CMMS setup and may help you not only in understanding the system better, but also in finding the best  system for your situation. It covers  many details you may not be aware of.

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Buy Used or New CMMS?

Small businesses that decide to adopt a CMMS solution often face a common choice: do they purchase a brand new solution or do they obtain a system that has been used by another company? This article will take a look at the benefits and drawbacks for each possibility.

One of the advantages to new CMMS is the overall quality of the system. The hardware hasn’t experienced the constant wear and tear that naturally occurs as years goes on, and you don’t have to worry that someone returned the system due to a defect in the system. This advantage is lessened if you go with a hosted solution.

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Soft Dollar Savings of CMMS

Computerized Maintenance Management Software (CMMS) systems are becoming increasingly popular, primarily due to the organization and savings that they bring a company. The easily quantifiable savings like staff reduction and higher production volumes are tangible benefits delivered almost immediately to companies. But, are there savings beyond the easily visible?
Beyond the hard-dollar savings (quantifiable savings) there is a wealth of intangible soft-dollar benefits and savings as well. Traditional soft-dollar benefits include improved customer retention levels and lower employee turnover. Often overlooked soft-dollar benefits and savings lead to:

Most industries have specific rules for regulatory compliance; and these rules are the bane of most companies' existence. Employing a CMMS ensures that you r company complies to pesky compliance regulations. Being compliant will ensure that you avoid penalties and possibly even win additional contracts, clients or bonuses.

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CMMS Vendor Selection Checklist

A Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) provides management with real-time information on servicing and other issues related to the maintenance area. Diverse industries have different requirements regarding a CMMS. A car rental business using this system would have needs that are different from a manufacturing firm. Hotels are also using CMMS to help them in managing maintenance on rooms, elevators, air conditioners and other areas important to their business. The good news is that most CMMS are industry-specific, which can help in narrowing down the number of systems and vendors.

As you look for a CMMS vendor, you may ask other businesses what vendors they use and whether they would recommend them. Other items that should be in your checklist as you review vendors are:

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