A New Approach to Staying ‘Connected’

The changing nature (and demographic) of the work force brings profound changes to the way meeting are conducted in the workplace. Millennials have a completely different set of priority and expectations, including the desire for a fast paced, nimble, highly collaborative work environment.

As a result, although formal meetings are not likely to go extinct in the near future, less formal, unscripted, impromptu “teaming sessions” become daily business.

This Wainhouse Research study shows:

  •  Why traditional video conferencing systems that leverage front-of-room cameras are unable to properly support a teaming / huddle session
  •  How innovative 360-degree cameras provide users with a better “connection” to the meeting room
  •  Which video conferencing solution to use to provide the best user experience in a comprehensive use case analysis

Video Conferencing

Which is Good, Zoom or Google Meet?

Which is Good, Zoom or Google Meet?

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