4 Signs You’re Ready to Upgrade to HR Software

4 Signs You’re Ready to Upgrade to HR Software

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Human Resources (HR) is all about valuing and empowering one of your most important business assets – the people who work for your company. There is a lot of administrative work and diligence that goes into managing a workforce and making sure they are paid accurately and on time and have access to all the benefits your company provides as part of its employment packages.

HR can quickly become an overwhelming duty when all the tasks and processes are manual or antiquated. This can result in piles of paperwork, hours of administrative work, and even make your business prone to errors in payroll, benefits, and more. 

Luckily, there are many great HR software solutions available on the market that cater to the HR needs of companies in every industry, small or large. 

But how to you know when you’re ready for an HR software suite?

This article provides business insight into the key signs you’ll recognize in your business when you’re primed and ready to benefit from HR software in your company. 

1. Your Company is Growing Quickly and Paperwork and Processes Have Become Overwhelming.

When your business is just starting out, it’s common to develop processes that rely on necessity and current means. While these processes, paperwork, or workarounds will serve your business fine at first, it will become more and more challenging to manage all your HR matters manually as your business grows. 

HR software can help you create and automate your HR processes so that you can better manage payroll, benefits, new hires, annual reviews, and more…all in one centralized system. This means you HR staff will be able to spend less time on manual, administrative tasks and open their time up to work on more strategic goals in your business. 

2. Manual Processes and Multiple Systems are Creating Errors in Payroll and Benefits Administration.

Manual process are prone to human error, which can result in mistakes that impact your employees when it comes to their paychecks or benefits. HR software solves this issue with helpful automations that not only help your HR staff work more efficiently, but also provide employees the assurance they’ll be paid correctly or enrolled in the correct health or retirement savings plan with no issues or error. 

Additionally, if you have to toggle amongst various systems to find the information you need or set up payroll, benefits, training, or PTO requests then opens your business up to further errors and adds steps to processes that could be simplified, optimized, and automated with modern HR software tools. 

3. You Need Efficient, Comprehensive Tools to Manage PTO, Employee Health Benefits, and 401K Options (Including Self-Service Options)

If onboarding a new employee is an arduous process or open enrollment instills fear into your dedicated HR staff, then upgrading to an HR software solution can be highly advantageous for your business. These solutions offer tools that help employees navigate health plan options and 401K savings plans, which will make the whole enrollment process much more seamless.

4. You Need More Sophisticated Tools for Managing Employee Onboarding, Training, and Performance Reviews (In-House or Remote)

Recruiting new employees, handling interviews, and successfully onboarding new team members are all critical job functions of HR. These activities ensure that you’re bringing in the best talent for your business and then setting them up to successfully perform for your company. If your company is hiring remote employees (or your whole business is operating remotely) then the hiring and onboarding processes can quickly become even more complex.

HR software systems offer tools specifically designed to simplify recruiting and onboarding and make your training more effective and efficient. Furthermore, most HR systems include all of their features in one centralized system so that your HR staff can manage the entire lifecycle of an employee in one solution. 

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