The ability to scale your business successfully is often very closely correlated with how accessible you and your teams are to your existing or prospective partners, clients, or customers. If your business is human-powered, is not actually feasible that you or your staff can be available 100 percent of the time. However, by embracing and fully utilizing the features offered by your business phone system you can balance your time more efficiently and communicate more effectively.

The virtual receptionist feature available through your Voice Over IP (VoIP) phone system can help you offer your important business contacts a seamless and satisfying experience when they contact your company.

What is a Virtual Receptionist?

A virtual receptionist, also known as an auto attendant, is an automated answering service feature offered by most VoIP business phone system providers. The virtual receptionist can answer calls, route calls, take messages, and help you expand your availability effectively. If you own a small business, you may just need one auto attendant. However, if you run a larger company, or one that receives a lot of calls, you can easily scale your virtual assistants according to your needs by adding more to your system.

Business Benefits of Auto Attendants

Using the auto attendant feature offered by your VoIP phone system can benefit your business in numerous ways that will help you offer consistent, constant, and professional service to your clients or customers. You can also stay organized with CRM integration options, all without making an extensive dent in your communication budget.

Professional and Budget-Friendly

A virtual assistant is a very cost-effective way to offer your customers or clients a professional experience when they contact your company. If you were to hire people to fulfill the same roles an auto attendant can accomplish, it would be much more difficult to manage and afford one or more full-time receptionists to answer calls and keep your business communications flowing 24/7. Virtual assistants are customizable, professional, and will help your company make more money and save on costs.

Seamless CRM Integration

Most auto attendant programs integrate seamlessly with CRM systems so that all call information, messages, and action items are constantly up to date and accurate. Cloud-based phone systems make CRM integration simple to set up and easy to use. Such integration will help your team stay organized and ensure that all of your customers or clients are acknowledged and satisfied.

Consistent Availability

The distinct advantage of using a virtual receptionist feature is that it makes your company consistently available, no matter what time of the day or night people are trying to reach you. This consistency helps you build trust with your customers and clients when they know that their call will always be answered. Because virtual receptionists are automated, you can provide great communication experiences without having to employ a full time person or staff to answer phones around the clock.

Auto Attendant Features That Enhance Business

Cloud-based VoIP phone systems are becoming increasingly popular due to their low cost, ease of use, and dense array of features such as auto attendants.

Additionally, recent feature innovations to virtual receptionist or auto attendant programs help to create a highly customized solution for your business needs as well as a more personal experience for your clients or customers who are calling your business. The business-enhancing advancements in this feature include:

Unlimited Auto Attendants

Many VoIP providers offer you an unlimited amount of auto attendants so that you can build out a phone system that best suits your business communication needs. With an unlimited number of attendants available to you, you can provide an excellent customer or client experience no matter how complex your business or elaborate your phone system.

Customized Call Forwarding

Auto attendant features also allow you to set up customized call forwarding, so that if a caller is trying to reach a particular person in your organization, their call can be forwarded directly.

Rule-Based Call Routing

Using an auto attendant feature gives you the control to design how calls should be routed through your phone system. You can generate rules based on customer selections from a custom menu of options. When a caller selects an option from your custom menu, these rules will designate where a caller is sent, correctly and automatically.

If your business receives a lot of calls, you may be missing out on opportunities and profits for any call that goes unanswered. There are a multitude of great internet phone system providers that offer advanced auto attendant features to help your business communications run effectively 24/7. Investing in a virtual assistant is smart business, and it will only cost you an affordable monthly fee to run a professional, automated answering service. For purchasing information and details, take a look at our Phone System Buyer’s Guide.

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