Citizen Data Scientists: Number Crunchers, with a Fresh Outlook

An up-and-coming role in data analysis is that of Citizen Data Scientists. In the interest of making the best sense of data, Citizen Data Scientists evaluate varying data sets – but do not hail from a data science background. Instead, they are professionals from other business units, such as marketers or designers.

What Makes Citizen Data Scientists Beneficial to Modern Organizations?

Unlike professional data scientists, Citizen Data Scientists introduce a brand new perspective when it comes to scrutinizing the numbers. Although they are not formally trained in traditional data science, the outlook that Citizen Data Scientists bring to the table is a refreshing one as it involves understanding data from the perspective of a different business unit, or a whole other industry entirely.

Now for the Big Question: Why Should Citizen Data Scientists Start with Accounting Data?

Just as a simple blood test can reveal the presence of many ailments in the body, Accounting data can help diagnose not just the financial health of your business, but other (seemingly unrelated) areas such as employee satisfaction and brand loyalty.

Before Citizen Data Scientists lay their hands on databases in any other department, here’s why they should start off with Accounting.

1. Financial data is quantifiable

Accounting data is at the heart of any business, no doubt. More than just ledgers, Accounting data can be used to justify business decisions because at the core, this data shows the health of a business. This is enough incentive as to why a discerning Citizen Data Scientist should start with Accounting data.

2. Provides insight on other business units

Results derived from Accounting data provide a bird’s eye view of how other areas within your business are performing. With this knowledge, it is easier to pinpoint problems in other areas of your business, as opposed to carrying out ambiguous searches through entire departments.

3. Doesn’t require technical knowledge

This is one of the wonders of functioning as a Citizen Data Scientist. It is easy to grasp key insights from Accounting numbers with minimal technical knowledge – and any familiarity on complex data analytics is not required to glean key business insights.

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