Generating sales is at the heart of most every decision you make for your company, and each initiative you implement is likely focused on driving revenue and profits for your business. While there are many factors that contribute to successful sales numbers, something every business owner must decide is how they will process those sales they’ve worked so hard to achieve.

Technological innovation, along with mobile and internet connectivity, have changed how companies implement and use modern Point of Sale (POS) software systems, making them more efficient and accessible for both brick and mortar and online companies alike. You can process sales through a POS terminal on site, or even run your POS machine through your smartphone or tablet.

Here is a look at some of the newest and most impactful POS system trends developing in 2017 that will likely help shape your decision on what solution is best for your business, now and as you grow.

Continued Growth of Mobile and Tablet Powered POS Systems

POS solutions designed to work on tablets and mobile devices have been rapidly gaining popularity over the past few years, and have opened up much more opportunity for small and medium sized business to get to market faster and begin making sales with far less investment. Aside from the low barrier to entry, mobile and tablet POS systems are extremely portable and support both local and international sales with ease.

In 2017, mobile POS solutions will continue to grow as more companies in industries such as retail, hospitality, and services make the switch to a convenient, portable, and affordable mobile POS software system.

Increased Crossover of Brick and Mortar and Online Sales Channels

2017 will not be the year that brick and mortar becomes obsolete. In fact, while many brick and mortar companies work to carve out an online presence and sales front, some of the larger online companies are looking to expand their business with physical stores as well.

The crossover of online and brick and mortar sales channels seems to become more prevalent each year, and companies strive to diversify and make sure that all their unique customers can have a seamless shopping experience whether they prefer to shop online or in a store.

Emergence of Unified Commerce Solutions

The crossover in brick and mortar and online sales channels is also leading up to the need for a Unified Commerce solutions for companies who need the ability to process their sales in both channels, from one system. This is a trend that will likely grow very quickly due to the efficiency and convenience such a solution will offer for companies who need an all-purpose POS system to support all their sales channels.

Sustained Need for All Payment Types

Digital payment solutions such as ewallets and mobile pay options are quickly growing and gaining much attention in the market. While this may be the preferred payment type of the masses in the future, consumers are slower to adopt this trend if they have higher comfort levels with paying cash, debit, or credit.

Modern POS software systems can process sales and support all the most popular payment types, which will continue to be a necessity in 2017 and beyond.

Expanded Cloud Usage

Cloud-based software solutions are growing more popular, powerful, and secure each year, and cloud POS solutions are no different. The trend toward the cloud is one that will continue to grow and evolve this year, and for many years to come, because business is now much more mobile than ever before. Savvy companies need affordable software solutions that they can implement easily and access remotely.

Economics and labor changes will always play an important role in business growth, and help shape how products are sold, and how goods are consumed.

If you plan well and do your research, you should have no trouble finding a POS system that suits your sales processing needs perfectly (there are thousands upon thousands of options available on the market). However, staying current on POS system trends will help you ensure that your sales processing solution is delivering everything your company needs to thrive in a competitive market.

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