Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology has existed for decades, but it’s only recently made its way into business software systems and processes. As AI is moves into the mainstream of business (across many industries) and in the next few years, its impact is going to become much more apparent as companies explore the different ways AI can boost business. From operations and communications to sales, service, and marketing, AI is positioned to make a big splash in 2019.

As a result, AI is quickly becoming a technology that more companies are seriously considering as a way to boost operations, improve communications, and remove barriers traditionally inherent to communications.

This article will explore what AI means for VoIP in 2019, and give you insight into all the ways this your communications can benefit from the technology innovations AI is delivering to the business pipeline.

What Does AI Mean for VoIP?

AI technology is undoubtedly starting to make a large impact in business, and in 2019 we anticipate many innovations to come about in business software solutions as a result, particularly when it comes to communication systems such as VoIP.

Here’s a closer look at what AI is going to mean for VoIP in 2019, and how embracing this technology could mean some major shifts in your company are on the way.

Less Barriers and More Communication Opportunities

AI is capable of performing real-time language translations, which can remove a barrier that’s inherent to business communications that take place across different countries and cultures. AI can translate languages in the moment and bring understanding and cultural context to conversations with natural language processing capabilities. AI goes beyond word-for-word translations by learning about using culture and context to derive more meaning and increase understanding among people beyond just words. Bridging the language barrier like this can mean huge things for companies by giving them more options to expand internationally by building strong partnerships in countries that may never have been an option before due to language and cultural barriers.

Contact Center Upgrades and Innovations

AI will also bring about significant benefits and upgrades to contact center communications that you operate alongside your VoIP system. AI has speech recognition capabilities that can not only recognize voices, but also learn to gauge moods based on speech patterns and tone of voice. Incorporating this kind of technology into your IVR system can improve call routing by transferring clients to their familiar account rep or pass along people in particular moods to the agent best equipped to help them.

Chatbot Upgrades

Chatbots have recently gained popularity in businesses, and are being used more frequently to facilitate customer service interactions and capture leads from websites with instant interaction and answers to questions as potential customers visit a site.

AI is enhancing chatbots by recognizing and using natural speech and communication patterns during these interactions. Customers or leads interacting with a chatbot may not even be able to tell they’re interacting with mere technology because the learning capabilities of AI will continually adapt the chat system to speak naturally and simulate a conversation with real human. AI chatbots can also complete more complex tasks like setting up meetings and updating schedules.

Operational Efficiency

AI helps VoIP software operate with more efficiency through opportunities for automation and improved communication processes and systems. AI can help automate work flows and route calls more effectively within your organizations to ensure speedy service, and help improve the chances that someone calling your company will end up speaking to the exact person to help with their needs. Streamlined workflows and enhanced communication (both internally and externally) are both big efficiency boosters that can help your business function optimally while reducing costs that come from cumbersome processes or communication breakdowns.

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