UCx Hosted Unified Communications


In today’s hyper-connected world, “work” is no longer a place we go — it’s an activity that we do. A desk phone might as well be a ball and chain, tethering you to convention. To be successful in this virtual work environment, you need to have access
to your colleagues, customers, business data, and applications on any device and any network.

UCx will energize your team with interaction, collaboration, connection and enhanced productivity.

UCx will bring many benefits to your business, including:

Faster, more streamlined business processes. Since UCx integrates several functions into a single application, your team can collaborate easier and faster than ever before — no more waiting around for email or voicemail. UCx also integrates with many other business applications such as Outlook, Salesforce and SugarCRM.
Improved customer service. With UCx, you’ll always be available for your customers when they call. With powerful tools for routing inbound calls, queueing multiple calls, working remotely and collaborating online, you can delight customers and work efficiently wherever you are.
An easy evolution to cutting-edge UC services. Because UCx is a hosted service, you’ll always have immediate access to new features as soon as they become available, without having to purchase and install new hardware.
The phone system that grows with you. Small business? No problem! You can start off now with a new, full-featured VoIP phone system. When you’re ready to upgrade to unified communications, all you need to do is change the user bundles — saving
you from the expense and headache of hardware upgrades in the future.
No upfront capital investment. With our installment payment program, you can purchase brand-new phones and switches without having to pay for them all up front. You immediately own the devices, and you’ll gain the benefits of our Guaranteed Replacement Warranty program for as long as you maintain your UCx service. 


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