Online, social networks have quickly amassed rabid users of their convenient, enjoyable platforms delivering social networking and entertainment. However, social media continues to evolve rapidly and, apart from its social connectivity roots, has recently transformed into a digital marketing force with great potential to connect with consumers in a more personal and impactful way.

Here are some of the social media and online marketing trends taking shape in 2017 that you should consider to keep your social media marketing strategy fresh and effective this year.

Advertising Ingenuity

Your online consumers are exposed to many types of marketing and ads as they navigate their favorite social platforms. In 2017, and the years that follow, it is going to become increasingly more difficult for potential customers to discover your business organically as they spend time online.

The era of attracting large pools of potential customers through free, organic advertising is evolving, and to stand out from the competition and spark interest in online consumers, you need to embrace ingenuity and try new things in your paid ads and marketing efforts.

Video Experience Marketing

Online consumers are much more savvy now than they were even a few years ago, and they now expect a more inclusive and immersive experience online. People want to feel like they are engaged in something exciting and taking part in an experience when they spend time online.

As a result, video marketing is a quickly rising trend in gaining exposure and converting viewers into loyal customers. You can take advantage of this trend, and produce videos and interactive ads to implement in your overall marketing strategy. On many social platforms, you can even hold live video sessions where you share interesting insight into your brand and build intrigue and engagement in your online audience to help make their buyer’s journey more inclusive and compelling.

Twitter Fatigue

When Twitter first came onto the online social scene, people were delighted by their structure of sharing through short updates. However, the massive popularity of Twitter as a social network makes it more difficult to stand out and gain exposure if you’re tweeting to develop your brand. There are so many tweets going out each day that it is really easy for your messages to get lost in the noise.

Twitter is likely going to change their platform structure to allow for longer, more in-depth content sharing. Until that change occurs, you can still leverage Twitter by sharing short, intriguing posts that link to your more robust content marketing materials and make the most of your 140 characters.

Brand Focus and Refinement

There is an ever-growing array of social media channels online, and many more will likely come about in 2017 and beyond. If you want your marketing to be successful, you simply cannot spread your efforts across every single social network that exists. You need to fine-tune your brand, select the social channels where your ideal customers spend their time, and focus your efforts on building your brand in the areas where you can truly scale your marketing efforts.

However, to determine the places your brand must be, you should test different social media marketing platforms and tactics. You don’t want to miss out on any online opportunities, but you also cannot achieve profits if you’re spending too much effort and money in the wrong places.

Beauty and Sentiment in Ads

Another trend developing in online social channels is the consumer’s desire to be inspired. Posts or ads that are beautiful, sentimental, or inspirational have massive potential to go viral. If your business is involved in charity, or began from an inspirational story, then sharing these messages with your online audience can help you attract and inspire people.

Customer Experience Opportunities

Social media enables all types of connections and communications, and it is also emerging as a trusted source for customer service. Many consumers will use a business’ social media profile to seek out solutions and support. Social media support can be incredibly meaningful to your customers, but before you begin offering customer care through your social channels, you need to make sure that you have the right staff and systems in place to respond to inquiries, questions, and complaints in real time.

Customers who reach out for support via social media expect quick responses, and you can use this channel to create memorable, positive customer support experiences and create long-term loyalty through social media if you do it well.

Marketing Automation

As more marketing opportunity opens up through online channels, it can be challenging to properly track and manage all your social strategies and campaigns to make sure your marketing efforts (and budget) are effective. Marketing Automation software can help you create, automate, and monitor the success of all your online marketing endeavors and provide you with valuable insight to what is working well in your digital marketing.

The adoption of marketing automation software will continue to rise as marketers innovate along with the trends emerging in social media marketing. Using this type of marketing software will help you ensure your marketing efforts are efficient and profitable, and give you an important edge over the competition.

Social media is an extremely powerful platform for connecting with potential customers. With the trends developing in online marketing and technology, you now also have a great opportunity to enrich the way that customers experience your company and brand.

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