Due to numerous breaches that have occurred time and time again over the past few years, it’s only normal to feel worried about whether confidential information surrounding ourselves, our finances as well as our family members is at stake.

The onset of 2019 is no different. While companies are taking great measures to protect their own data (and the data of their customers), there’s hardly any guarantee that a breach may never occur again. As harsh as it sounds, it is still a wake-up call for all of us to stay vigilant as we share our sensitive information across the cyberspace, whether it’s for legal formalities or to buy groceries for the week.

The infographic below provides a glimpse into some of the most devastating cyber breaches that have occurred over the past decade. As one goes down memory lane to recall these infamous breaches on some of the world’s largest and most powerful organizations, it all points to one vision – strengthening cyber security at every level, while constantly innovating to defend attacks that are becoming ever more resilient.

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