As your company grows, you will begin to quickly amass content that you’ve created to support your business and help drive important growth initiatives. At first, you may rely on manual content storage and organization processes. However, manual content management can easily become inefficient and unreliable for even smaller companies.

Fortunately, no matter your company size, content needs, or budget, there is likely a perfect Content Management Software (CMS) solution that will help you organize and more effectively use all the great content you’re creating for your marketing efforts through robust web content management tools. You can also use CMS solutions to store valuable internal documents or customer information in a secure location where only authorized users can access it and collaborate with one another more fluidly.

With all the CMS options available on the market, it can often be difficult for companies to determine which solution will best suit their business. To help you out, here’s a look at some of our favorite CMS systems for both small businesses and large enterprise organizations in 2017.

Best CMS Systems for SMBs

If you have a small business, then you know all about the intricate balance between staying in budget and implementing the tools you need to scale your success. So you may not have thought about how a system for storing, organizing, and sharing the content you’re creating can benefit your business without putting a significant strain on your cash flow.

However, if managing isolated speadsheets, marketing materials, and other internal information is diminishing your productivity and holding you back from working on growing your business, then it may be time for a CMS solution.

There are some great CMS systems available that will give your growing company the tools needed to successfully and efficiently manage content without impacting your profit margins. One of our favorite CMS systems for small businesses is Box.

Box is a great CMS solution for small, but growing companies because it offers unlimited, secured data storage for all types of files and content for affordable pricing starting at just $6 a month, per user. With this low pricing, you can get started quickly, scale easily, and access a wide array or powerful features such as:

  • Document filing and management
  • Record filing and storage
  • Workflow automation
  • Webform creation
  • Mobile access and iOS apps

Box CMS supports many of the basic file types you will likely be using (MS Word, Google Docs, and Email) and can be integrated with your CRM tool and email accounts to further streamline your content. Box also offers 24/7 customer support, so that if you or your team members need help or have questions about their CMS services, someone is available to help any time of day or night.

Best CMS Systems for Enterprise Businesses

In a medium or large sized business, you will inevitably have much more content that you need to store, organize, and use for various parts of your business to run smoothly and efficiently. If your business has been growing for awhile, then your content management needs can also be more intricate and complex due to multiple data sources and security and privacy measures that need to be considered.

Luckily, your established company likely has more flexibility in the budget when it comes to system integrations and upgrades as well, which will open up a new realm of CMS solutions designed with the content needs and complexities of large businesses at top of mind.

Our favorite CMS systems for large enterprises is Alfresco ECM.

Alfresco ECM is a great option for companies who have experienced recent, tremendous growth because it allows you to seamlessly integrates all your content, processes, websites, apps, and profiles into a centralized storage and sharing system that will cost around $250 a month per user.

Alfresco ECM provides open source CRM solutions as well as on-premise deployment options, so you can choose exactly how you want your content stored, protected, and accessed. This is particularly important for enterprise companies who have large amounts of sensitive or proprietary data.

Alfresco offers an array of integrations points, so you can pull content from all of the areas you’ve been using separately, and begin managing them in one place. In addition to common file types such as MS Word and Google Docs, Alfresco can also support image, video, and audio content elements you need to safely store and use to further your company’s growth goals.

Your unique business goals and content needs will ultimately help you determine which CMS solution is best for your company. While we’ve highlighted a few of our favorites for businesses large and small, you can learn more about our recommended CMS solutions to decide which system will suit your content and budget needs.

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