Small Business, Big Benefits: 5 Cost-Effective (But Feature-Loaded) VoIP Solutions for SMBs on a Budget

VoIP is rapidly gaining popularity among businesses of all types and sizes due to all the benefits these mobile, flexible, affordable phone systems offer. However, small businesses have a distinct advantage with VoIP because they can now afford the robust phone system features that were historically only available for large businesses due to cost.

Cost-savings is just one of the many business advantages VoIP provides small businesses. VoIP can also help build mobility into your collaborations by giving you access to all your communication tools from anywhere you have an internet connection. VoIP can also help your company improve communication quality (internal and external) and drive profits through increased productivity.

But how do you know which VoIP solution will bring the most benefits to your small business (without straining your budget)?

Here’s the top 5 cost-effective (but feature-loaded) VoIP systems we recommend for small businesses, along with some helpful tips on budgeting for your VoIP solution.

5 Cost-Effective (But Feature-Loaded) VoIP Solutions for SMBs on a Budget

One of the most significant benefits VoIP brings to small businesses is cost-savings and value. These 5 VoIP vendors offer an array of plans that will fit into a small business budget, without sacrificing key tools and features needed to improve communications and spur growth initiatives.


8X8 offers small to medium enterprise businesses state-of-the-art phone system features, at a fraction of the cost. There is a monthly cost per line, and 8X8 will work with you to create a package and feature-bundle that best suits your communication needs, including:

• Online meetings
• Virtual call recording
• CRM integration

Ring Central

Ring Central is a great option for a small company that is growing, and needs to keep employees connected in the office, from remote locations, or on the road. This phone system has a low monthly fee, which you can adjust based on the minutes you need each month. The cloud-based system also offers an array of great features that will help streamline your communications, such as:

• Integration services
• Voicemail
• Auto-receptionist


Jive offers one of the top-rated, cloud VoIP phone systems on the market and is customizable to businesses of any size. You can install this system yourself, or have a professional assist you with combining and streamlining your existing multiple lines or systems. Jive integrates seamlessly with top CRMs, operates reliably for a lower monthly fee, and provides features like:

• Unlimited U.S calling
• Information delivery via pop-up screens during calls
• Calls on any of your mobile devices


Vonage phone systems are a bit more advanced in terms of features and integrations. However, the reasonable monthly fee and discounts for added users make this system a great option for growing SMBs and even medium-sized business. Vonage offers integration with leading CRM software tools, and allows you to keep your own established phone number if you wish. Vonage also offers features designed for growing businesses, such as:

• Web conferencing
• Instant messaging
• Toll-free phone number options


Ooma is a great, cost-effective phone system option that does not require special phones or lines. Ooma can connect up to 20 people, and offers features that will keep your small business thriving, like:

• Unlimited calls in the U.S. and Canada
• Virtual receptionist
• Conference calling

Checklist: Budgeting for VoIP

Even though you’ll definitely be able to find a VoIP solution that fits your small business, these tips will help you plan your budget accordingly.

• Understand your business needs, and use them to determine which phone system features matter most to your business.
• Know how many users will need access to your VoIP solution so you can plan your budget (many VoIP vendors price their solutions on a per-user basis).• Compare and price solutions to create a shortlist of VoIP vendors who fulfill all your needs (and fit your budget).
• Don’t skip the VoIP vendor demo. A demo can show you the system in action, and give you insight into how the solution will perform for your business.
• Budget and leave room to scale. Give yourself room to grow when you’re choosing a VoIP solution!

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