Secrets of Rock Star CFOs


Secrets of Rockstar CFOs is based upon conversations I have had with dozens of elite CFOs, from Silicon Valley startups to Fortune 50
multinationals. These are some of the best CFOs in the country, and you are sure to find their insights very compelling. My background gives me a unique perspective on financial leadership. I started my career at the global CPA firm, KPMG, and subsequently
worked for several years as a financial executive. Ultimately, I served as a CFO for 26 different companies, often in a part-time or interim role, working with about 35 CEOs; several geniuses, a handful of lunatics, and two or three who were both. But I learned from each person and became a more effective leader.

While serving as a CFO, I founded the CFO Leadership Council (CFOLC). Our mission is to empower CFOs. We do this through a
combination of cutting-edge professional development programs and unmatched peer networking. I have also chaired the MIT Sloan CFO Summit, which is perhaps the world’s most influential conference for CFOs. The speakers at the Summit comprise a Who’s Who of elite finance chiefs, and many were generous in sharing their best practices. I soon recognized that, although each CFO’s path was unique, Rockstar CFOs shared many traits, which became the basis for this book.

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