Business phone systems play a vital role in a company’s success and prosperity. For decades, implementing and maintaining a company phone system has been one of the largest upfront expenses for new businesses.

However, the internet, combined with technological innovations, is ushering in a new era of business communication technology. A growing number of businesses (from startup to enterprise) are embracing VoIP communication systems as powerful, yet cost effective replacements for legacy PBX phone systems.

VoIP phones services provide many competitive business advantages, and one of the great benefits of VoIP is the robust suite of tools and features they offer to help companies enrich their communications.

Here are some of our favorite VoIP features in 2017.

Video Conferencing

Video conferencing is at the forefront of technology trends this year, and VoIP offers great features designed to support both audio and video conferencing for mobile businesses.

Technology for VoIP video calls is constantly improving, and these types of conferences can be held through a broadband connection or mobile data. This means that you and your teams can stay connected with one another, and all your important customers and clients while you are travelling or working remotely.


The auto-attendant, or virtual receptionist, feature on VoIP is great to help assist customers, route calls quickly, and give your company instant clout. This feature is highly customizable, so you can build unique workflows that will align well with your customer needs and frequently asked questions. It is also possible for customers to receive an email containing details that your customers may be looking for as they interact with the auto-attendant.

This feature, when carefully personalized, can help your contact center function more efficiently and free up your agents to handle more complex customer questions and concerns. You can also create workflows that help customer process payment or get routed more effectively with custom menu choices.

Call Forwarding

Call forwarding is a great feature you can use to make sure that you can always receive important calls on your IP phone. You can direct your calls to your phone no matter where you are, and be reached on the same number that your clients and customers use to call you at the office.

Voicemail to Email Transcription

The voicemail to email transcription feature offered by VoIP systems is a great way to help you manage all your messages more efficiently by consolidating them into one location. With this feature, you can have voicemail messages sent to your email in text or mp3 format, so you can respond to your emails and return your calls without pulling messages from different communication mediums.

Call Reporting

Call reporting is a great feature that you should use if you use a VoIP phone system in your contact center. You can pull reports on both system performance and call quality to make sure that your agents are delivering top quality care and that your VoIP phone service is suiting your needs well.

The call reporting tools available from VoIP providers can help you find areas of opportunity in your business and help you improve your service with ongoing call coaching and training as well.

Mobile Apps

The growing popularity of VoIP has resulted in the creation of many apps that work in conjunction with VoIP phone systems to provide even more value. Many of the VoIP apps for mobile are low cost to free, and can help you leverage your VoIP services in a variety of unique ways including turning your tablet into a phone.

Software Integrations

Another great aspect of VoIP is that it pairs and integrates nicely with your other necessary business software solutions. For example, you can place a click to call button on your website, and that call is routed to your company via VoIP. With a CRM integration in place, this information will be updated and tracked in your system so you can make sure to never miss an opportunity with a customer or a new lead.

VoIP phone systems are rich in great tools and features that you can use to boost the quality and value of your business communications. New innovations in VoIP technology are bound to come about over the next few years, which will help this list of feature favorites grow further in the future!

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