Positive, memorable customer service interactions help create strong loyalty in your company and build trust in your brand and products. As a result, customer experiences and satisfaction are areas where many businesses are focusing their efforts and investments in 2017 and beyond. Quality customer care is certainly not a new concept in business success and most companies have established robust call center or contact center solutions to serve their customers.

However, customers today are growing more savvy as the prominence of the internet increases and technology becomes more accessible to mainstream consumers. Many companies have implemented contact center software to help ensure that they can serve their customers across communication modes. Contact center solutions are packed with great features and tools designed to drive growth through stellar customer service.

Here are some of our favorite contact center features in 2017.

Auto Number Identification

Auto Number Identification (ANI) is essentially a caller ID system for your contact center. As calls from your customers come in, they can be identified and tracked easily. This streamlines contact center operations immensely and helps aid in your billing as well.

You can also use ANI to understand where calls are originating from most and use this information to gain a deeper understanding of your customer demographics.

Dynamic Routing

Dynamic routing is a great feature you can use in your contact center to ensure that all of your customers are routed to a helpful agent in a quick and seamless experience. Using this feature, your contact center solution will automatically choose the fastest real-time path for calls and data transfers so everything runs smoothly and your customers get the service they need quickly.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) System

IVR systems can help increase the efficiency of your contact center and help you provide a positive customer experience with different levels of automation. IVRs are customizable, so you can create workflows that recognize voice responses or keypad entries and then use that information to route your customer to the person or information they’re seeking.

Auto Call Distribution

Auto Call Distribution (ACD) is a great feature to use in your contact center, especially if you receive a large amount of customer calls throughout the day. ACD helps make sure that customer calls are quickly routed to the next available agent and can be extremely helpful in reducing customer wait times during peak hours or busy seasons.

Predictive Dialer

The predictive dialer is a great feature for outbound calling activities you manage in your contact center. The predictive dialer will dial numbers from a designated list of leads or customers, and then will automatically connect agents with people who answer. This can save your outbound agents time and boost their productivity by allowing them to focus only on calls where a customer or lead is already on the line.

Business Software and Social Media Integrations

Contact center software contains suite of great tools and features that you can use to provide your customers with great service, and it can also be easily integrated with your other important business software solutions and social media channels.

Integrations can help you serve your customers best by helping you stay organized and efficient. For example, you can integrate your contact center software with your CRM software so that all the customers who you help are tracked and organized in your system. This way, you can make sure issues are fully resolved and create customer profiles that contain a full history of service that can be accesses easily each time the customer contact your service center.

Social media support is rapidly increasing in popularity, so it’s also a great idea to make sure that your contact center is integrated with your social media channels so that all of your support flows smoothly and you can make sure that your brand reputation stays secure online.

If a customer has a good experience, they have the capacity to share it with a large and captive audience through social channels. And bad experiences just make customers more likely to share their experience so it is very important that you use all the best features your contact center solution has to offer.

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