A new year is fresh with possibility and filled with aspirations, goals, and hopes for the year ahead. This is why the beginning of a new year is the perfect time to reflect on everything you experienced and learned over the past year and focus on your personal and business growth.

If some of your business goals this year include things such as: providing stellar customer service, increasing your profits, and streamlining your support processes-then you’re in a great position to benefit from the call center software updates that lay ahead in the new year and beyond.

Here are some of the rising trends in call center and contact center software that can help you accomplish your customer service goals and contribute to your business growth in 2017.

SaaS Call Center Software

The infrastructure of customer support has changed significantly over the past few years. Call centers used to be primarily in-house solutions with extensive start-up and management costs. Due to the high operational costs, many businesses seeking a reduction in their expenses began to rely on outsourced support solutions. While outsourced call centers do provide cost savings to businesses, it can be challenging to ensure that customers are getting the high-quality support and care needed to create happy, loyal customers.

Today, customer service is moving to the cloud environment and Software as a Service (SaaS) call center solutions will only continue to grow in popularity in 2017 and beyond. Cloud-based call center or contact center systems cost much less to implement that traditional in-house solutions and continue to evolve by providing all the best tools and features for business growth through excellent customer care.

Mobile Call Center Solutions

This year, mobile call center apps and features will make it possible for you to run a support center that is powerful and portable. No matter where your agents are located, they can access your support system from their smartphone or other mobile device, and provide consistent service for your customers.

Paired with a VoIP phone system, mobile call center solutions make it easy for your customers to contact your support team and receive reliable service. You can even integrate mobile call center apps with your website, so that a customer with a question can simply click through a support icon, and be directed to an agent immediately.

Remote Agents

In 2017, more and more companies are expected to embrace a remote workforce due to the technology that is now available. Many call center and contact center software solutions are cloud-based, and can be easily accessed and used through a simple internet connection. This shift in the industry will help your business offer great customer care that is extremely affordable for your business and highly convenient and appealing for employees.

The call center and contact center software available on the market this year offers all the features and tools you need to successfully manage remote call center agents and ensure that your customer care is top notch, for a fraction of the operational cost. Additionally, without the restrictions of location, you can easily expand your talent pool when hiring agents to join your team and provide great customer experiences.

Self-Service Support Software

Many customers prefer to find answers and solutions for themselves, so it is important to offer robust self-service support options this year. This way, customers can easily find answers to their questions and feel satisfied with the ease of finding information they need.

Self-service support software can help you build a comprehensive knowledge base. You can also automate information-sharing with your customers who are looking for answers to their questions by using an IVR. This will help streamline your support activities, and free up live agents to help customers with more unique or complex questions or issues.

Outbound Call Center Software

New innovations in call center software solutions give you the opportunity to effectively manage all your inbound and outbound call center needs in one system. Outbound call features such as predictive dialing and voice recognition can help you boost your sales team success through efficiency.

Technology evolves constantly, and each year brings new tools designed to support customer expectations and fuel business growth. 2017 is a great year to embrace all the new upgrades in call center software and use the high-tech, high-touch tools to help you meet your support and business goals this year.

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