Networking Solutions to Buy with the Best ROI

The standard format of measuring the return on investment of a networking solution is to evaluate individual solutions on a vendor-by-vendor basis. There are two problems inherent with this method however; one, it is incredibly time-consuming, and two, companies generally really on vendor-sponsored materials when evaluating solutions.

An alternative approach is to use a reverse-selection process; a process that bases its ROI calculations on the 2 major benefits of networking solutions. ROI can be determined in two categories: infrastructure cost reduction and IT productivity.

Infrastructure Cost Reduction 

Costs related to infrastructure are direct costs that are easily measured, and therefore form an easy category to measure ROI with. Return on investment, in terms of infrastructure cost reduction come in the form of: IT staff labor reductions, employee training savings, reductions in the cost of hardware, service support costs reductions and licensing cost reduction.

Networking solution features that deliver on IT infrastructure cost reduction ROI are:

  • Web content filtering, intrusion protection and other safety measure that ensure less time is spent fixing malicious-based network issues.
  • Remote support that reduces the need for on-site personnel.
  • Network load balancing.
  • Configuration and management.
  • Asset management.
  • Hardware and software inventory abilities.
  • Round-the-clock support.

IT Productivity 

The other way to measure ROI of a networking solution is in the productivity gains. By leveraging more streamlined networking processes you can reallocate your resources and staff to deal with proactive IT projects like new applications and technology initiatives—instead of reactive work of simply putting out the fires. And lets face it, nobody got into IT to be a fire fighter.

Networking solution features that deliver on IT productivity ROI are:

  • Proactive monitoring and reporting.
  • Remote access to VPN and remote desktop abilities.
  • User-friendly web portals to allow for easy user use.
  • Bandwidth control to ensure optimum network performance.
  • Traffic logs recorded and reported to analyze network, ensuring you keep it in optimal condition.
  • Network security and surveillance.
  • Performance Management powers.
  • Managed preventive maintenance
  • Integrated routing solutions
  • Unified Access Control solutions
  • VPN solutions
  • Data Center and WAN Acceleration solutions

Through a reverse-evaluation process you can choose the features that will deliver the specific ROI that you are looking for, free from the partiality of vendors. It is critical to choose features that are right for you and your company; features that will bring you the ROI results that are vital to running a successful, optimal and cost-effective IT department.