Modern ERP Systems: Implementation Issues and How to Resolve Them

Modern ERP Systems: Implementation Issues and How to Resolve Them

Since their conception, ERP systems have been notoriously difficult to implement. Older systems were infamous for unexpected delays and costs, and also often brought with them a dreaded ‘change of pace’.

Thanks to the advent of newer technologies, today’s ERP systems have been formulated to mitigate the problems that antecedents of the software chronically suffered from, during implementation.

However, adhering to tried and true practices such as outlining requirements correctly, providing adequate training to employees and gradually introducing the software can help ensure the migration process is as smooth as possible.

Additionally, modern ERP systems are now equipped with new functionalities that help reduce the risks and delays associated with implementation. While several newfound means exist, here are two of the most interesting (and easiest) ways to ease your ERP implementation worries.

1. Starting with Mobile

Smartphones and tablets offer limited screen space, which means that designers are constantly challenged with the task of including a wealth of features within a disproportionately finite amount of space. This encourages the creation of interfaces that are simpler to use, as only what’s absolutely needed will make it into the app.

Add to that the mandatory adherence of UI/UX guidelines presented by mobile OS providers – and you have an ERP mobile app that is more simplified and standardized. Minimalistic features can further ease the implementation process, since excessive time, effort and money aren’t required to install the app, as well as guide users on how to make the most of it.

2. Adapting to the Cloud

Today’s ERP systems largely depend on the Cloud to gain access to all the components required to function optimally. This includes (but is not limited to) operations such as hosting, storage and analytics. As a result, Cloud solutions eliminate the need for installing physical servers on-premise, and reserving precious office space to store them.

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