Frost & Sullivan: Unified, Efficient, Agile: Three Hallmarks of the Digital Workplace


There’s certainly no shortage of coverage about how technology is reshaping our world today. The lion’s share of the discussion in mainstream media these days often focuses on the incredible possibilities of advancements in the consumer realm. And while those advancements can be astounding, there’s also another less-publicized angle to the story that is, in many ways, equally—if not more—remarkable. In particular, the tools we use every day at work continue to undergo as much change as any area of our lives.

From analog technologies and paper-based workflows to an entirely digital landscape centered on always-on connectivity, multiple mobile devices, and an ever-growing number of communications modes, the way we work is forever changing. In particular, how effectively we communicate and collaborate at work with co-workers, partners, and customers will likely be the most important point of differentiation between companies that innovate and grow, and those that become obsolete.

That’s why it’s critical to begin thinking now about how communications and collaboration will redefine the future of work. This white paper discusses the trends shaping those changes and how your company can set a foundation today to achieve long-term success. 

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