The Five Essentials for Stronger SMS Opt-In

The critical elements of SMS opt-in messaging

The following tips and best practices can help you develop in-store signage and other marketing visuals to help your brand achieve higher opt-in rates for retail-store SMS campaigns. They also help increase overall user satisfaction.

There are 5 key ingredients to successful copy and design development, for getting people to opt in and participate with SMS campaigns.

1. Call-to-action: This is the most important aspect of effective design. What action does the consumer need to take to participate? Is it clear and easy to understand?

2. Benefit statement: Essentially it's answering the question, "What's in it for me?" What is the value for the consumer? Be clear about what they have to gain by participating in the SMS campaign.

3. Special considerations: Accurately set the consumer's expectations for what comes next. Are there additional details which need to be communicated? Are you clear about telling them what (if any) additional steps are required to get the value promised in the benefit statement? Be clear.

4. Terms and conditions: Include the statements required by the carriers for compliance with their consumer interaction standards.

5. Branding: Be sure the message clearly reflects the brand. Identification of the brand encourages credibility and trust in the exchange of personal information. It also helps connect the SMS promotion to overall brand or campaigns standards.