Evaluating CMMS Vendors

Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS) have the ability to help automate and simplify many routine tasks for your business—boosting your company’s efficiency in a cost effective and simple manner. Because there is such a variety when it comes to task- and industry-specific CMMS solutions, it has never been a more accessible system for most companies. In choosing the right vendor for your company, there are several factors you should bear in mind to ease the process. In asking specific questions, or identifying the specific attributes that will be most helpful to your business, you will quickly discover which potential vendors have a CMMS solution that is right for you.

Finding the Right CMMS Vendor for Your Business:

  • Versatility/Adaptability
  • Initial Investment
  • Ongoing Service
  • Industry-Specific Tools
  • Installation Requirements
  • Training/Support Functions

Making Sure Your CMMS fits Your Processes

CMMS systems are designed to fit seamlessly into your operations in order to help with task scheduling and tracking. These systems are only effective, however, if your processes are amenable to this integration. Typically, companies need to either find a CMMS that is tailored to their operational structure, or be willing to modify all or part of their processes in order to effectively mirror their CMMS solution. Because these solutions are designed with ROI and cost effectiveness in mind, the importance of creating a seamless integration between physical processes and your CMMS system is of paramount importance.

Your potential CMMS vendors should be able to help you understand the basic structure of their system, and should be able to define the level of change (or of instant integration) necessary in using their product. The key factor to remember when evaluating potential CMMS vendors is to have an accurate give-and-take when it comes to both realistic process and operational goals.

Industry-Specific CMMS

CMMS systems have been widely employed in almost every industry imaginable – with successful results in all categories of business. Finding a CMS solution that is either specifically designed with your industry in mind or designed with another (but very similar) industry in mind should not be difficult. Rather than finding a solutions provider that offers a product that forces your business to adapt in unrealistic ways, you are best served by finding a partner who provides a system that is designed to suit your processes at a basic level in the least. While some level of adaptation in your process is to be expected, choosing a CMMS that was created for a completely disparate business type is generally counterproductive.

Once you have begun discussions with potential CMMS vendors, you will likely find that you understand your process requirements and the complexity and level of change that your business can realistically expect to engage in with a new solution. Defining these specific requirements and identifying the level of adaptation and change that are acceptable will help funnel you toward the best partner for your CMMS needs.