What is Marketing Automation Software?

Marketing Automation software contains a suite of centrally-located marketing automation tools designed to help you be more efficient and successful in all types of marketing, including:

  • Email marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Direct mail
  • Mobile marketing

Marketing campaign management and marketing resource management (MRM) are also valuable MA resources that are designed to help you assess the impact of your marketing efforts and customize your strategies to reach more customers and drive higher profits through your marketing.

Why Your Business Needs Marketing Automation

Digital marketing has become extremely popular in the past few years, and customers are now very savvy to many of the marketing techniques that have worked well during the evolution of online marketing.

Savvy consumers require a fresh and personal experience to move their purchasing decisions, particularly online where there is so much competition. You can use marketing automation software to streamline and automate all your regular marketing efforts. You can also integrate MA software with your CRM tools to gain a deeper (and impeccably organized) understanding of which marketing efforts are converting leads and delighting your consistent customers into buying again and again.

With all of this intensely personalized information, you can create custom marketing efforts that speak to your ideal customer and help you stand out amidst all the noise online. Then, you can automate what works and use that saved time and energy to continue improving your marketing efforts.

Changes to Marketing Automation in 2017

Leading search and social media platforms are continually reshaping digital marketing, and this year the focus of their innovation seems to be centered on personalization in advertising. As a result, your marketing efforts and the MA software you use will also have to shift.

Here are some of the most impactful changes coming up this year.

Heightened Emphasis on Customer Loyalty

Many business owners focus on customer retention as a top marketing priority because repeat customers are more lucrative (and less expensive to maintain) than acquiring new customers who will only purchase once and move on.

This year, this trend will continue to grow, and marketing automation software is changing to better support and enhance customer loyalty. You can use the software to gain deep insight into what your customers are buying, and automate your highly-customized marketing campaigns to make the very most impact with your creativity and resources.

Deeper, Real-Time Marketing Personalization

One of the most exciting innovations in MA software is the opportunity make your marketing efforts much more personal and effective, with ease and efficiency. You will be able to make much better guided marketing decisions by being able to gauge the success of your marketing efforts as they are occurring, rather than analyzing them after the fact.

MA systems are so valuable because they help you organize and manage all your key marketing automation efforts in one place. Marketing automation software will also soon allow for a much more customized approach to each type of marketing that you do, with tools and feature that are specialized for each individual channel.

This level of real-time personalization and differentiation can help you improve your new campaigns midstream as well as support your efforts to ensure that your automated marketing efforts stay fresh and effective, and stay out of the spam box.

Smarter, All-in-One Solutions

The potential of a smart, all-in-one marketing automation software solution will only continue to evolve in 2017 and beyond, with proactive, predictive, machine-learning capabilities.

In past iterations of MA software, you had to finish a marketing effort, analyze the results, and adjust from what you learned before you could automate a winning campaign, which is a very reactive approach to your business growth.

MA systems can now use current customer information and behavior trends to help you create proactive, customized marketing efforts that will shape your future marketing decisions and campaigns.

New innovations in MA software in 2017 will help you create more personalized, dynamic marketing efforts and organize and automate them all in one system. If your plan to focus on improving the success of your marketing efforts this year, then marketing automation software is a must to help you grow your business with powerful, personal marketing and automation.

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