Business VoIP in 2017: New Trends, New Features

One of the most recent innovations in business communication is Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology. VoIP phone service has helped reshape and improve business communication so much over the past few years that location no longer places restrictions on business growth or dictates who you can engage with to build your brand.

VoIP is rapidly gaining popularity for business use due to the convenience, mobility, and flexibility it provides, and is positioned to continue evolving this year. Here are some of the most noteworthy business VoIP trends and features that you can look forward to in 2017 (and one point of caution as well).

1. Enhanced 5G Mobile VoIP

The fifth generation of high-speed mobile connection and data sharing is on the horizon. Although networks do not anticipate that 5G will be officially released until 2020, several carriers have announced plans to begin testing the new network speed and capabilities in 2017. 5G is estimated to be ten times faster than current network speeds, which will drastically change data sharing capabilities for VoIP users.

2. Heightened Security

Because VoIP operates through internet connections, there is a higher level of risk for security breaches than on traditional landline phone systems. Increasing the security of VoIP systems is going to be an area of heightened focus in 2017 and beyond to safeguard your important business communications and data from being compromised.

3. Improved Business Software Integration

Great communication is a key component of business, and VoIP adds simplicity and mobility to your business communications. However, your company likely depends on several business software solutions to keep your business organized and on track with all your growth goals and initiatives. Business functions much more smoothly when all your software programs are integrated with ease and efficiency in mind.

In 2017, VoIP systems will become much more compatible and easy to integrate with your other important business software to ensure your company is in sync and on track across all the important aspect of your business and communication.

4. Increased Cloud Flexibility and Mobility

Due to the connective power of the internet and the innovations in business technology, the workforce has undergone a major shift in recent years. Many companies are relying on a remote workforce due to convenience and cost-savings, and employees are happier and more productive in a flexible, remote environment.

VoIP offers great flexibility for a growing remote workforce that depends on their mobile connectivity. VoIP phone service will continue to become even more flexible and mobile in 2017.

5. Improved Emergency Calling Services

In 2017, VoIP phone emergency calling services will be enhanced to protect users and aid them in the event they need to place calls with E911. E911 is an enhanced emergency calling system specifically designed for mobile users, which helps responders triangulate the location of your mobile or IP phone to provide you with swift help.

There is much to look forward to as VoIP service becomes even faster and more convenient for business communication. However, there is one negative trend that could develop due to the increasing popularity of VoIP.

6. Strained Network Capacities

VoIP phone service is growing quickly, and many businesses are taking full advantage of all the benefits, features, and tools that VoIP has to offer. Additionally, due to an ever-growing mobile workforce, there are more people and more devices connected to one another. This could easily cause strain on networks and lead to glitches, slow connectivity, or limited use of data-driven features for mobile VoIP users in 2017.

VoIP providers will likely be focused on ways they can minimize strain, and ensure that the services they offer are functioning at top quality and speed for the businesses that rely upon them for business communications.

Business growth and technological innovation often work in tandem to shape the future of business communication and innovation. 2017 appears to be no exception as it is looking like a year filled with great VoIP advancements that will benefit businesses with phone and data sharing services that are mobile, flexible, and secure.

If you’ve been considering implementing VoIP phone service into your business, then this year is a great time to enhance your business communications with the flexible and powerful services that will only continue to improve and innovate in 2017 and beyond.