The Business Value of Integrating the Contact Center Within Your Omni-Channel Strategy


Businesses closely monitor changes in customer expectations and behavior, and rapidly reshape their own activities through omni-channel Customer Experience Management (CEM) programs in order to stay relevant in the eyes of empowered consumers. As the first touchpoint that buyers often resort to for addressing any issues, the contact center plays a critical role in omni-channel CEM programs.

This Aberdeen Group report outlines the business value and best practices of integrating the contact center with omni-channel programs in order to deliver a seamless customer experience across multiple touch-points.

The report highlights include:

  •  Role of the contact center in omni-channel initiatives
  •  Best practices of integrating the contact center with omni-channel programs
  •  Key technology tools available to manage contact center activities
  •  Recommendations to better align omni-channel efforts with the Best-in-Class

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