Everything is now data-driven, so why does the insurance premium that you pay for your fleet of vehicles have to be an exception? Insurance Telematics, informally known as ‘Black Box Insurance’, is revolutionizing the way insurance companies determine premiums. 

Instead of using generic particulars such as age and for how long you have been driving, Black Box Insurance offers insights based on data gathered. Statistics such as speed, braking and cornering are observed, which can then show how responsible a driver is on the road – ultimately leading to lower premiums.

Here’s an infographic to help you understand the principles of Black Box Insurance, along with the many advantages that come with it.

black box insurance

Does your business have a fleet of vehicles that need to be managed? Whether it's with black box technology or not, we can recommend the most suitable solutions for you! Please visit our Fleet Management page for a list of all the software we have on offer.

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